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Sacramento, California, United States

Sacramento, California, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Bang 2 Da Boogie
Going Crazy
G's Perspective
All played on FM 102.5 Sacramento, CA



Bakari’s story is one of tragedy and triumph. Growing up in Sacramento, California, Bakari developed his love for music at an early age, dancing and singing in local talent shows. Though extremely talented, the lure and fast money mentality of the streets captured Bakari in his teens. “I was hustling, running the streets...just looking for a fast way to come up. I was just trying to figure out what it was that I wanted to do with my life.” It wasn’t long before the street life caught up with him and Bakari was incarcerated for three months for minor drug charges. “Sitting in that cell I realized that life wasn’t for me...I had never done any jail time prior to that was a real wake up call,” said Bakari.

To escape the negativity of his existing environment Bakari moved to Atlanta , Georgia in 1997. He immediately submerged himself in his music and hit the streets hard in search for his big break. His hard work paid off landing him a spot performing at R&B start Keith Sweat’s popular nightclub “The Industry.” Just as Bakari’s career started to take flight – tragedy struck. Bakari’s father committed suicide on September 11, 1998, one day before his 21st birthday, causing him to put his career, and his life, on hold.

“When my dad passed it really messed me up, I became depressed and I wasn’t motivated to make music.” He returned to California in 2000 to re-energize himself and cope with the loss of his father.

New responsibilities came with the birth of his daughter Aniyah in 2002
-- Bakari now had a family to support. Bakari worked several small time jobs in Sacramento to make ends meet, it seemed as though he had put his music career, and dreams of starting his own label to rest. It was the unexpected loss of a childhood friend in 2007 that inspired Bakari to return to his one true passion – his music. “After my friend was killed breaking up a fight at work I realized that life was too short to waste time doing things I really didn’t want to do,” he said. “I knew I had to get out there and make things happen, if not for me, for my I moved back to Atlanta to get back on the grind.”

Shortly after settling in Atlanta, Bakari founded Game Dogg Records as a platform to promote and distribute his music. “I’ve always wanted to own a label,” said Bakari. “My experience managing R&B group, ‘Adrian and Staci’, gave me a taste of the business side of the music industry.
I realized having a label would allow me to manage the direction of my own career and work with other artists to help them take their careers to the next level.” Although he will be the first artist released on the label, Bakari signed several other emerging artists to the label and plays a role in every aspect of their growth. “Right now we are focused on my project but after ‘Paid The Kost’ drops I have a gang of pitbulls coming behind me...talented R&B and Hip Hop artists just waiting to blow,” said Bakari.

Currently, Bakari is busy in the studio finishing his debut album “Paid The Kost” which is scheduled to drop in 2008. Inspired by his tireless drive and self sufficient know how, “Paid The Kost” is filled with tracks that chronicle the trials and triumphs Bakari has experienced in his life. His first single “Bang to Da Boogie” has created a strong buzz in the streets of Atlanta and is in heavy rotation on radio stations in Sacramento. “Bang to Da Boogie” – is an upbeat hip-hop track with a mix of traditional R&B funk.

“I describe my sound as hip-hop with OG flavor. “I drew from a range of artists from Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and Stevie Wonder to 2PAC and Ice Cube when creating my music.

After overcoming legal setbacks, dealing with the suicide of his father and the murder of a best friend, Bakari has emerged unscathed. With a tireless work ethic and strong will to succeed, Bakari has truly “Paid The Kost”.