Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska

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Baked Alaska is a comedy rapper from Alaska, currently the hottest thing out of the coldest state.


It's not often you stumble across an Alaskan artist
known in the "Lower 48" but, just who is this
Baked Alaska? He is a YouTube star, traditional
music act, comedian, viral video maker, reality
persona and a prankster with too much time on
his hands. Alaskans may have found the new icon
to replace Mrs. Palin.

Hailing from his home town of Anchorage, AK, Baked Alaska, seems to be the combined spawn of Weird Al, Lonely Island, Borat, and Jackass. He’s been called the hottest emcee out of the coldest state. Currently he’s pursuing his comedy music
video career in Los Angeles, where he's already gained attention from both independent and major record labels. His debut video “Alaskan Vacation” was released on April 20th (420 coincidentally) and has since racked up over 10k views on YoutTube, his follow up video “I Climb Mountains” released a month later, now has over 8k views and his most recent video “Grizzly Bear Trappin'” released on August 20th has received over 10k views to date.

Now, working with producers Beau Billionaire (Riff Raff, Lil' Debbie) and Nick Morzov (Ghost Town, Fueled By Ramen) Baked Alaska is ready to take his Grizzly Bear Trap movement to the main stream.


Alaska Vacation (Single) [2013]
I Climb Mountains (Single) [2013]
Right Meow (Single) [2013]
Into The Wild EP (EP) [2013]

Set List

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