Baker Thomas Band

Baker Thomas Band

 Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Baker Thomas Band is the night out your soul needs! Good times and great music!


Beginning on stage at TOAD in Cambridge, MA during a weekly residency in March of 2009, Baker Thomas Band has always been an eclectic collection of musicians and good friends getting together to make great music and have a blast. With anywhere from 7 to 10 and even more musicians on stage, the BTB is a wrecking ball of good times and great tunes.


Night Before

Written By: Tom Bianchi

This is a live cut from our Middle East Downstairs show on October 14th 2011.

Fruit Fly

Written By: Tom Bianchi

A song written in 2000 by Tom, this is a re-arrangement of subtle yet to the point protest song embodying the spirit of the classic hit by War, Why Can't We Be Friends?

Train Face

Written By: Tom Bianchi

Also a protest song of sorts, Train Face tells the story of Boston musicians galvanizing to protest Boston's MBTA when they tried to ban subway music in the post 9-11 world, claiming that terrorists could disguise themselves as musicians. As Ben Franklin would say, when you take away one Civil Liberty, you're one step on the path to taking them all away.

The artists fought for the right to busk in Boston and won!


BTB - 2011
Live at The Middle East - 2011
Live at Reunion - 2010