Bako Dagnon

Bako Dagnon


Bako Dagnon is the living memory of an ancestral popular culture, and probably one of the most well kept secrets of contemporary Malian music.


Her first record under her own name, Titati symbolizes the junction of two cultures, between Africa and the West. Ali Farka Toure consulted her regularly, praising her knowledge of Malian history. Here, she showcases her sharp sense of melody and her unique voice.


Titati (Syllart/Discograph) (2007)

Set List

The set is 90 minutes long

Set list:
- Toubaka
- Sansando Minata
- Noumou
- Salimou
- Saliya
- Belebele
- Telemba
- Donsoke
- Bounteni
- Ikerifaye
- Titati