Brothers of the Baladi

Brothers of the Baladi


Brothers of the Baladi play a world beat mix of Middle Eastern music. The band can perform in any venue, large or small, & usually features local belly dancers! A cultural concert & workshops, are a popular format for colleges. Even a Cambridge Ball! A 2nd UK tour in 2010 planned for July 12th-27th!


“....Brothers of the Baladi play music that makes regular
guys loosen their ties and dance on the tables.”
Portland, Oregon
Brothers of the Baladi bring forth infectious and authentic sounds from ancient instruments, adding Western influences to the delight of audiences everywhere. This versatile band of Brothers have been blazing trails in
World Music for over thirty years, playing traditional offerings and bridging cultures from the Middle East to International Rock n’ Roll. They tastefully mix acoustic instruments (oud, saz, kanoon, mizmar, etc.) and vocals
in seven languages, (English, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Persian, French, & Spanish), with exotic rhythms and familiar grooves. Their passionate and original music leaves audiences stirred and inspired.

The Brothers of the Baladi have headlined countless colleges, festivals, concert halls, and clubs. They have shared the stage with Maria Muldaur, It’s a Beautiful Day, The Mamas and the Papas, 3 Mustaphas3, Leon
Redbone, Paul Horn, The Lovemongers(Heart), Poi Dog Pondering, and Zachary Richard, to name a few. Their credits include the 2000 Desert Rose Grammy Award, featured music on USA Network’s Core Culture, The
Holy Family of Egypt a documentary premiered in Cairo 2006, soundtracks for the Tony Award winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and Comedy of Errors, and soundtracks for over fifty Middle
Eastern videos.


Just Do What’s Right – 2008
Presence of the Past – 2005
Hands of a Thousand Dances – 2003
Hope – 2002
A Time of Peace – 1999
Heart of the Beast – 1998
Eye On The World – 1994
Further Journeys – 1993
Beyond The Tenth – 1989
Food Of Love – 1983
Dance With Gladness - 1982

Set List

Paint it Black – No Solo
For What it’s Worth
Wah Wah
Just Do Whats Right
Gamil Gamel
Perom Pom Pom
Twa Corbies
Noura / In a Gada
Peace n Love
The Next Time
Siroon Achcheig
Nothing to Fear
Raqs Leyla
Ma Zamir / Chapkun

Heart of Beast
Sidi Mansour
Sisheler / Bir Demet / Lamma Bada Rampi / Shisheler
Cuss Cuss
Flower of Stone
Who is This?
Rockin in the Free World
Leylet Hob
Xtras: Foq Ennakhal, Linda Linda, Ma Shaal, Backbeat, Ah Nada, Dere Dere, Tomorrow Never Knows, Tren Gelir, Yeshilim, Aziza, Diqqi Diqqi, Karoun Karoun, Saba Samir