Granera, Catalonia, ESP
BandPopAdult Contemporary



Coming from La Garriga (Barcelona), balago is a perfect example of what music should be like in the XXI century; a constant evolution in sound and opening new musical paths through experimentation.

Balago is currently David Crespo, the only member that took part in all the records from the band, Guim Serradesanferm and Roger Crespo.

In 2001 they released “Erm”, composed by David and Jordi Soldevila. This first record gave to the audience an idea of which ones were their intentions: to paint a musical canvas from abstraction, and to tell a story of discourage and emptiness in slow motion.

Their next step in the process of musical reinvention and relocation was the use of samplers and programming which took over the sound of the band. In 2004 they released “El segon pis”, a complex and heterodox record; 40 minutes of devastating and indelible sadness.

In 2008 David Crespo released a solo record, “d’aquii”; strongly affected by tragedy. This third record is a masterpiece of redemption in the most absolute tone of isolation.

With “Extractes d’un diari” Roger takes part in the band. Released in 2010, this record is more rhythmic, extrovert and melodic than its predecessors. It explores the fusion between synthetic and phantasmagoric landscapes, psychedelic pop, and urban melancholy through short musical tracks.



- "Erm"(2001)
- "El segon pis"(2004)
- "D'aquii"(2008)
- "Extractes d'un diari"(2010)