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"Balance and Composure- Only Boundaries (No Sleep Records)"

It is quite rare now that you hear a 4 song E.P. that has the impact of a full length. Balance and Composure, a youthful five piece band from Doylestown, PA, have given us just that. All the songs are completely unique from one another, but all blend together smoothly. The record clocks in at just short of 20 minutes, just enough time for the band to show you what they’ve got.

The opening track, I Can’t Do This Alone, gives a taste of the bands creative sound. The bass line strongly backs the drum beat during the intro until the electric guitars notes are slowly picked out giving a somber feeling to the song. Something that you will find over the course of these songs is the band’s love for tempo changes with the music as well as the vocals. There will be moments that you want to close your eyes and relax, and then there will be others where you will want to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs.

The title track Only Boundaries crashes in with catchy rhythm guitar backing some awesome riffs. This song very much reminds me of Brand New, as well as many other parts of the E.P with more relaxed verses and strong passionate choruses. Show Your Face is without a doubt my favorite song from this release. The drumming stands out and completely sets the tone on this track. The chorus swoops in as the lyrics, “The sky is your window, but where am I hiding?” are belted out. The bridge of this song makes you wish you were seeing it live at small venue because it is so perfect for a gang sing along. “I was never about this, never about this love” he screams as single epic strums of the distorted guitars ring out.

What’s Wrong With Everything is the slowest song on the record, but also the perfect pick as the closer. Once you reach the middle of the track, you start to feel the track build. It grows for quite sometime until the beautiful climax repeats a few times before finishing out the stellar release. This young band has put together something special here, who knows what they could do on a full length. - Chris Bongiovanni


"They've established themselves as one of the strongest acts on the criminally underrated No Sleep Records roster, they've clearly got the talent, and with a split album coming out later this year with Tigers Jaw, it would seem the only way is up for Balance And Composure. They just need to hurry up and release a full-length! (but don't rush it)." - -


"At just 4 songs here, these kids make their point quick. The driving rhythms, singing vs. throaty screaming, and compelling emotive structures will bring to mind all the classics, but at the same time they retain their own distinctive sound. Sometimes moving at a faint pulse, other times exploding into a fiery rage, these 4 songs cover a lot of ground in a short time, pushing and pulling between mellow cathartic lulls to crashing drums and loud guitars. It's not you're standard build up from quiet to ebullient- this is dynamic, powerful and ebullient." - -


I Just Want To Be Pure- (Self Release)
Only Boundaries- (No Sleep Records)



Balance and Composure formed in the winter of 2007. With the average age of the band only being 19, Balance and Composure singed to No Sleep Records in 2009, has played over 200 shows, completed three east coast tours, and is preparing for their third release with Scranton, PA natives Tigers Jaw on No Sleep and Run For Cover Records. With a sound that can be described as serene to explosive, they are an amazing group of musicians that will certainly be making a name for themselves in the future. For 2010 aside from their split release with Tigers Jaw, the band will be touring the U.S and Canada over a period of 4 months. Influences include: 90's emo, the smiths, neutral milk hotel, built to spill, and sunny day real estate.

Band's We've Played with: Motion City Soundtrack, Circa Survive, Promise of Redemption (Shane from Valencia), I Am the Avalanche, Bayside, Ace Enders, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, Brighten, The Dear Hunter, Envy On The Coast, Good Old War, Person L, Algernon Cadawallader, Lovedrug, Fireworks, This Time Next Year, Make Do and Mend, The Wonder Years, Bridge and Tunnel, and many more.