Balien Grey

Balien Grey

BandRockNew Age

Balien Grey is a journey through sound. From the highs to the lows, we create a soundscape of emotion. With soaring guitar themes and percussive grooves, Balien Grey takes you on a trip to the catacombs of your soul and beyond.


Balien Grey formed around November 2006, after the break up of our former band, This Last Dance. When our band broke up we took the summer off and tried new styles of music while experimenting with other musicians. After each of our individual attempts to start something new, we realized that it just didn't feel right playing with others. We began talking again and started jamming from time to time, and eventually we all were back together. This time we needed an addition to our crew due to a dramatic style change, and found our vocalist Stavros. All of us seemed to click and writing music was very easy and enjoyable. Shortly after we got some songs together and began playing shows incorperating our newly found style, which we found represnted us. It all has just been growing since then. I find our style to be a very unique combination of experimental, progessive, rock and what ever feels right. I've heard some people say we have a sound like Minus the Bear, to The Mars Volta, to The Dear Hunter, to Dredg. I feel that we don't sound like any of those bands but meerly have some elements found in each.


Singles- The Fox, Sky Traveler

Set List

We dont usually have a concrete set list because we like to make every show different. Our set is usually 25 minutes long but can be longer if needed.