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The best kept secret in music


"Balistica- The Jungle Science EP"

The Jungle Science e.p. In a gag audio clip on Balistica's debut EP, an interviewer describes these Austinites as "a sonic, punk outfit." Then comes the kicker: "Why did you guys leave the sombreros at home?" One only hopes that was a gag! In any event, the name Balistica says it all ?Einsolent, urgent, snarky as necessary, and urban in an architectural rather than cultural sense. Aching limbs of steel, the hot shudder of concrete, the false sparkle of glass, and every once in a while, the sweet breath from a patch of green all emanate from The Jungle Science's 20-minute run time. "Rag" opens the disc with a deceptively mellow riff that leaps into an industrial grind churning with rock & roll rhythms. The kiss and slap lyrics ("Your adoration sets me free. It's like a razor, it cuts me deep ... you know I want it so") end in a raw punk rant, strangely lightened with a familiar Arab-world vocal riff sailing over it all near the end. The previously mentioned audio clip follows, slipping into the liquid, Dick Dale-like guitar opening of "Hard to Swallow," where relentless punk rhythms tumble with a ripped vocal driven beat. "Racer" is the most popilicious of the disc, amazingly elevating the timeless pop phrase "doot-dooty-doot" to a tolerable level. An insistent brew of punk-driven, moody rock rhythms demanding to be heard finish off the disc. The demand is well worth heeding. Sombreros? Balistica don't need no stinkin' sombreros.

by: Belinda Acosta - The Austin Chronicle

"Balistica: The Jungle Science EP"

This band from Austin, Texas caught us by surprise with their creativity and refreshing mix of styles. They call their sound "sonic punk", which only hints at the energy of their fusions: from punk to electronica, hip hop to 80's new wave thrown in with a mix of 90's latin alternative and a touch of metal, the jungle science e.p. leaves you craving for more. Although only a 6-song CD, this is not a case where more is better. Each song brings forth a passionate enhancement of what we offer customers of Indy Vox: innovative, fresh musical experiences.
- Phamtom Vox/ Indy Vox


- Balistica Brown Album. Independently Produced August 2002. Recorded, and arranged by balistica

-The JUngle Science Ep. Independently released March 2004. Recorded by Chico Jones and Tim Dittmar. Produced by Balistica.
3 Stars in Austin Chronicle
Top 10 texas albums of 2004 according to Austin Chronicle.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Established in Austin TX in 2002. Balistica is an international music/art project, that goes beyond a mere band. As a musical project, balistica is the combination of the many influences that 5 people from different parts of the world, and with unsimilar musical tastes can bring to the table. As a live show, balistica is the integration of basically any sort of art form, mixed to create not just a show, but an authentic live experience.