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Balistik's music can be described as lyrical with a street edge. He strives for a balance between lyricism and commercialism. If you're looking for music with substance, that is thought provoking...this is it.


Balistik's music transcends the "norms" of the Hip-Hop genre. With every word given careful consideration, every line scrutinized, and every verse spit with a polished delivery, he sheds light on the "struggle of the streets" from a different angle. Thus, his distinction comes from not only the subject matter of his music, but the manner in which it's articulated. He hails from Mizpah, NJ a small town below the radar, about 20 miles from Atlantic City, NJ. Balistik came from humble beginnings of poverty, and has overcome many obstacles such as the passing of his Mother at an early age, lack of a Father figure, etc. These are the trials and tribulations that fuel his desire to succeed, and set the tone for his music. His music embodies the lyricism and crafty wordplay of artist such as Kool G Rap, Nas, and Jay-Z. Obviously, these are artist who have set the "creative bar" very high, and so he aspires to be mentioned in the same breath with them. With a strong work-ethic, and versatility as an artist, Balistik is poised to make a major impact in the music industry.


Stop Da Presses

Written By: Balistik

Flow more dangerous than da mines in West Virginia
Jerry West, clutch, 4th quarter, yeah a winner
Ya style is sweet like a Virginia ham, eat you for dinner
For you style and swagger jackers, call me Jack da Ripper
Jack ya fan base then, lyrically rip ya
It's da, cash fiend, chasin' payola
Diamonds colorful like crayons by Crayola
Money folder, heat holder, lady leg bender
Straight to da leauge like Jonathan Bender
Street representa', councilmen, senator, mayor, governor
Without being politically correct
Nicest nigga in Jersey, you heard correct
Got a 9 to 5, a nigga still in need of a check
Got da streets buzzin', a nigga still in need of respect
Low-pro demeanor, but you can still get wet
Rather leave da drama alone,
stakes is too high to blast a tech
Rep real hip-hip like Hi-Tek
I'm a sure bet, what you wanna bet
Got good credit, I never ass-bet
Ya mule or jack-ass, I'm up next.

Everyday, Allday

Written By: Balistik

Hustlers who come wit schemes to increase our worth
We sit on da stoop allday, but what is it worth?
Only God knows, but Lord knows it hurts
Although da pain we never show, time to take 'em to church
Da organs in da background, set da mood for what it's worth
Capitalistic, use da mighty dollar to determine our worth
Destined for da streets, groomed by older niggas since birth
Moreso, by their actions, they took hits of da coke
And we watch their reactions
Cop smaller pieces broke down fractions
Who's our customers?
Dem same dudes, thank you for askin'
Most days, you liable to catch us maxin' and relaxin'
Money managin', drug pedallin', but petty weight
We have a system, slow money is sho' money
Keeps us out da system
No excess product ridin' or sleepin' wit 'em
Wanna do more but a lot of people are, dependin'
On our financial means, and dis is our means to provide a better way for our families
Straddlin' between insanity and sanity, it's a formality
But dis is our reality now


Written By: Balistik

Catch B on da Westside
Westbound on da highway when I ride
Amongst da palm trees and sunshine
Where they got different slang, different gangs dat bang
Pack heat like we do on da east
it's da same thang
Broads with fat asses, and niggas wit long chains
Sittin' on they auntie steps, gettin' corn-row braids, broads fixin' their brain
I'm in da '74 Impala, leaned back, fixin' to get brain
I'm here to reach those dats stuck in they ways
East to West we bi-coastal, it's a new day
Remember what B.I.G. would say
I'm goin', goin', goin', goin', back to Cali
And he did, he was brave
Some would question da move dat he made
I often wondered was it da change
Of scenery he embrace, or da love da culture
We in this together, dis is Hip-Hop culture


S.O.S.A. (Stranded On Strand Ave.)

Livin' In The Moment
Next Best Thing Vol. 1 & 2

Single "Speak It Off Inspiration" selected by Next Magazine for compilation CD.

Produced single "Animal" on "Half Bak'd" album of indie artist Point Giv'n.

December 2006 - Singles "Stop Da Presses", "Vibe Wit It", and "Bobbin & Weavin" received spins on WAJM 88.9fm in Atlantic City, NJ.

August 2005 - Single "Next Best Thing" in the Top10 on WDBK 91.5fm in Blackwood, NJ.

June 2004 - In-studio guest/contest winner on
Power99fm in Philadelphia, PA.

Set List

* Set list & Set length varies from show to show.

S.O.S.A. (Stranded On Strand Ave.)
1. Official Introduction
2. Stop Da Presses
3. Vibe Wit It
4. Everyday, Allday
5. On My J.O.B.
6. Speak It Off Inspiration
7. Bobbin' & Weavin'
8. Check Da Stats (At Halftime)
9. Ambiance
10. Right Or Wrong
11. Speed It Up, Beat It Up
12. Westbound
13. Da Essence
14. S.O.S.A. (Stranded On Strand Ave.)
15. For Da Record

Next Best Thing, Vol. 1
1. Intro
2. Victory Lap
3. If Ya Got
4. What Be's Da Problem
5. I Tried
6. Next Best Thing
7. That's Why
8. Mami On Da Dancefloor
9. Feelin' Me
10. Please Believe It
11. It's A Wrap

Next Best Thing, Vol. 2
1. Intro
2. Balistik, In Ya Area
3. (Whew!) It's Hot In Here
4. How U Luv Dat
5. We Gone Make It
6. Go Crazy
7. Next Best Thing
8. Good To Ya Soul
9. Lord, Hear My Plea
10. Sho' Ya Right
11. Thorough
12.Doin' Da Damn Thang
13. Forever Woman (Hip-Hop)
14. Listen To Me (Bonus Track)