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We Are STRONG! Powerful, REAL Hip-hop, NEW, and not you someone crazy you hear on the radio. We have stories, and we would love to share them.


Music may very well be the key to self-expression and true art. Hip-hop is a form of poetry that has lost it's way over the years. B.ALIVE is a self dedicated organization, ran on talent and support of how music was demonstrated. Hip-hop is corrupted! Along with the streets of Baltimore. The Story telling and the words that gave people hope is no more. B.Alive was originally a movement for both hip-hop and Baltimore City, but all has changed and we recognize that Baltimore is not just struggling in producing hip-hop artist but struggling to produce any type of music at all. We hope to open new door ways and minds alike to an idea of unity. Our neighborhoods need to speak.
For most in this forgotten city a mic, instrumentals and a band is the only chance. B.ALIVE was founded by, Jinxxx and the elements of what's missing in hip-hop. In recent years hip-hop was more then a beat it was actual music that had messages; sometimes stories that people of any kind could either relate to or get insight and knowledge. Now hip-hop has reached a level to some that is signs of success but to others a sign of a whole new low. The distortions of African Americans are highlighted in music videos of greed and disrespect to the opposite sex. In most cases black woman are the target. B.ALIVE is here to change these views and thoughts and bring some type of gravity back to hip-hop, because right now we feel as though it is nothing but a false reality of how life is.B.Alive is also a foundation for music of Baltimore. Baltimore is a place that is usually forgotten. Here lies more then just murder crime rates and no hope eyes. Here lies talent and individuals who want to do more with their life then be like everyone else. B.Alive drives on the motivation of these individuals who feel as though they can be better then their environment. Jinxxx created this after numerous thoughts of discuss about the very music she loved and created. Frustrated, she wondered if anyone felt as agitated and motivated to do something about it. Little did she know, she was headed into a line that many walk but fail to keep balance. After careful consideration and searching she had found the first four members of the B.ALIVE right under her nose. Feel Free To Explore Our Site And Artist!

Set List

Typical set is 15-20mins but have done longer.