Youngstown, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

Ballacaust/SOhio is a unique hip-hop collective from Youngstown Ohio that specializes in alternative hip-hop and does everything DIY. We believe hip-hop is about expression of thought, and we don't shy away from more absurd or offensive topics.


Ballacaust/SOhio is a hip-hop collective from Youngstown Ohio. We do everything DIY, we make our own beats, do our own recording and production, make our own videos, and do our own promotion. The group is fronted by the M.C.'s Dolemite and Grizzzy the Grizzzly and producer Gnosis. The group has 7 different releases (4 albums, 3 e.p.'s) and continues to put out new songs all the time. A relentless work ethic sets Ballacaust apart from most other groups in the 330, as well as an unabashed pursuit of expression. Dolemite and Grizzzy rap about whatever they feel, however they feel it, without regard to absurdity or offense. Hip-hop is an expression of the self, and we believe every topic is something worth talking about. Everything from politics, to ballin, to outer space, to Stephen King is on the table with Ballacaust.SOhio.


D.A.N.K. (Album/Dolemite)
Mr. Robototune (E.P./Dolemite)
Claudible (Album)
Pink Sock (E.P.)
Space Camp (Album/Grizzzy)
TwistCone (E.P./Dolemite/Grizzzy)
D.A.N.K. 2 (Album/Dolemite)