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Youngstown, Ohio, United States | SELF

Youngstown, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Alternative




"Ballacaust Brings Hip-Hopera With "Space Camp""

by K.Hollinsworth

Is it me? I was tweeted some music by a songwriter with a request to promote the music he attached. “Hip Hop” it said – Not my favourite but I’ll listen and hope to be surprised – pleasantly. I was! I liked the music, the concept, the female vocals and then the rapping, rhyming poetry started. It all started out so promising with an echo from one of my favourites Janelle Monae – I was so excited!

Unfortunately, I could not get past the crass imagery, vulgarity and foul language. I have tried but I can’t listen to it – I’m just not programmed to accept it. So, I was not going to forward it. If the only way this “message” music is relatable is with bleepable words in every phrase, it’s lost to me.

I listen to three songs and stop. It seems beyond my grasp and I want so badly to hear what I found up front, the beauty and sweetness of the female voice and music but the spell is inevitably broken when the rapping male voice interrupts.

Then I took a break to do something else but I couldn’t stay away – I needed to know where the story went so I dove back into it. Some humour and satire with a wonderful campy flare included - nice challenges and the whole piece becomes a “rap-opera” or Hip-Hopera. I think it’s brilliant even if the vulgarity is a barrier to my complete enjoyment, but the same goes for so many pieces of shocking but provocative art and films.

Decide for yourselves, then let us know what you think. - K. Hollinsworth


D.A.N.K. (Album/Dolemite)
Mr. Robototune (E.P./Dolemite)
Claudible (Album)
Pink Sock (E.P.)
Space Camp (Album/Grizzzy)
TwistCone (E.P./Dolemite/Grizzzy)
D.A.N.K. 2 (Album/Dolemite)



Ballacaust/SOhio is a hip-hop collective from Youngstown Ohio. We do everything DIY, we make our own beats, do our own recording and production, make our own videos, and do our own promotion. The group is fronted by the M.C.'s Dolemite and Grizzzy the Grizzzly and producer Gnosis. The group has 7 different releases (4 albums, 3 e.p.'s) and continues to put out new songs all the time. A relentless work ethic sets Ballacaust apart from most other groups in the 330, as well as an unabashed pursuit of expression. Dolemite and Grizzzy rap about whatever they feel, however they feel it, without regard to absurdity or offense. Hip-hop is an expression of the self, and we believe every topic is something worth talking about. Everything from politics, to ballin, to outer space, to Stephen King is on the table with Ballacaust.SOhio.