Ballerman Funk Band

Ballerman Funk Band


Hybrid of Latin and Funk sounds with Jazzy overtones. Get's you on your feet and groovin' like there's no tomorrow.


Founders Myk Baldridge (Durham, NC) and Galen Bremer (Lynchburg, VA) met in the dorms of UNC Asheville. They've been funkin' their way around WNC ever since. Their mix of Latin, Funk, and Jazz with other hybrid sounds is reminiscent of the cool jazz and be-bop eras. The show these guys put on kicks ass and gets people up and movin'. We never fail to bring a crowd and have never left a show with guests unhappy. Best of all we bring a great attitude, and a willingness to work our asses off.


Assets Across Boarders
Big Bad Baumbusch
Bouchner's Song
Gun's and Butter
Just a Taste
My Seismic Voice
No Barking
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Recordings of 2008-
Tenderly (standard)
Tom Thumb (standard)
Joy Spring (standard)
Tenor Madness (standard)
When I Dreamt of You (standard)
F-Dub (Ballerman Original)
Medley ( Ballerman Original)
Wolfe Cove (Ballerman Original)
Dorothy Allen (Ballerman Original)

Set List

We play originals and also cover artists such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Dizzy Gelespie, Theolonious Monk. Covers include (but are not limited to): Tom Thumb, Cantaloupe Island, 81, Impressions, Desafinado, Night in Tunesia, and While You Needn't. A typical set last 3hrs, but we can go all night!