Ballista is a rock band out of the midwest. They take what used to be called alternative rock and throw in something a little funky here and there.



Some Accomplishments

March 2006 – Ballista was chosen to be 1 of 32 bands out of hundreds of entries to participate in Oklahoma City radio station 94.7 the Buzz's annual March Bandness competition. Based on listener votes Ballista progressed to the 2nd round – the top 16 bands.

2006 Payne County Line ( Oklahoma Music Awards: Ballista - Rock Band of the Year, Rick DuVall – Songwriter of the Year, Mike Lovelace – Electric Guitarist of the Year

Played East Bricktown Music Festival – Oklahoma City, OK – 8/20/2005

Accepted as a showcasing artist into Diversafest (Dfest) Music Festival 2005 in Tulsa, OK - - Ballista’s second time to showcase at this festival – June 2005

Opening act for Midnight To Twelve – 4/22/2005

Opening act for Local H – 4/17/2005
March 2005 - One of the final eight bands in Oklahoma City's 94.7 the Buzz's March Bandness contest – 32 bands are chosen by the station from a pool of hundreds of entries. Each week in March half the bands with the fewest listener votes on the Buzz's website are dropped out.

Opening act for Uncle Kracker – 10/21/2004

Song included on short film “Mimesis” soundtrack

Signed publishing deal with IGF Entertainment, New York 9/2004 (

Accepted into Diversafest Music Festival 2004 in Tulsa, OK – find out more at:

Won the Oklahoma “got milk?” Shake Stuff Up Tour Battle of the Bands – 2004 – find out more at:

Scored and wrote songs for the award-winning movie Valence Theory (Best Oklahoma Feature – Bare Bones Film Festival 2004) – find out more at the official website: or the on the Internet Movie Database:

New Artist Radio’s “Alternative Rock Artist of the Year 2003” and “Rock Entertainer of the Year 2003”, Ballista’s song “I Should Have Known” was voted #1 on NAR’s top 40 for two weeks based on listener votes in the same year –


Oklahoma Gazette (9/15/04 issue): Award-winning local rockers Ballista are on the fast track for stardom if their disc “New Beginnings” is any indication. Strongly recalling the likes of Incubus and Linkin Park from the get-go, this Oklahoma City-based quartet throws down melodic, straight-ahead rock over the course of 8 tracks. Catch their impressive live show if you can.

VOX Magazine (9/15/04 issue): 4 out of 5 stars – “New Beginnings” is funk-metal at full throttle. The OKC band's knack for no-bull-shit, slamming lyrically fueled rock has “a rhythm for ya baby” and it's hot! Hooked out and polished with solid harmonies, Rick DuVall's vocals recall an early Brandon Boyd (Incubus) and Todd Lewis (Toadies), backed by a splash of 311, especially on “Save Me”. Just as the song, “Rhythm For You”, suggests, rhythm is central to “New Beginnings”. The guitar plays more into the songs than in previous recordings, resulting in punching riffs and open melodies (“I Should Have Known”). It's a fine album and “New Beginnings” is an apt title. (9/22/04): Ballista, although having been around for a handful of years, still have this "new" feeling to their sound.  The tight band writes quality music and impresses with their variety of sounds.  At times, leaning a bit towards a 311 sound.  At others, leaning towards an Incubus sound.  But, overwhelmingly a Ballista sound.  There's a crunchy-rock and groovy feel to this album that keeps the record moving throughout.
Starting off the CD is the rocker "Stargaze", which is quickly followed by "Rhythm For You," which contains DC Talk Supernatural-style harmonies.  On "New Beginnings," singer Rick DuVall belts out an inspiring "It's my favorite day!  It's my favorite day!"  The big hit of this album, "I Should Have Known," includes the heart-tugging lyrics that everyone can relate to: "You let me down/You let me down".
One shocking revelation is that such a quality-sounding CD was mostly self-recorded and mixed in DuVall's house.  This just goes to show that you can produce your own CD...and make it sound good too.
The harmonizing on this album is fantastic.  Ballista knows exactly when and where to throw in background vocals and harmonies... New Beginnings is a fairly short CD, clocking in just over 28 minutes, but is well worth the buy and listen.

Critiques from experienced music professionals with TAXI
Ballista had songs forwarded to Epic Records via TAXI in May 2004.

Song: Stay
TAXI Comments: “The vocal harmonies are confident and well executed. This kind of reminds me of a lighter Incubus.”

Song: Shades of Gray
TAXI Comments: “This song has a good solid groove. I also like the mood that has been captured here.”

Song: New Beginnings
TAXI Comments: “I like the more aggressive guitar in this one. It adds a nice dimension to the vocals.”

Song: Believe This
TAXI Comments:


Believe This

Written By: Rick DuVall

“Believe This”
Lyrics, Melodies, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Arrangement – R. DuVall

V1 Sometimes I wonder how we each end up where we are – fate don’t always feel great
Mystery of this is like a thought, you can’t - hold it in your hand
My hands are tied, or so they’ve told me
I only believe what I want to – so I

C Do you believe all you hear when they say it
On the record when they play it

V2 I don’t stop when you say it won’t work, no I won’t – until I see for myself
So please understand - it was meant to be, don’t you see – no I don’t
Don’t take it for granted, just an idea planted
I only believe what I want to – so I

C (same)

B Pay attention, mind yourself, don’t be so gullible
What another person says maybe sounds so wonderful
But you are livin’ in world with liars and cheaters and haters
They’ll try to get inside and fuck it up for you
A sad commentary on a paradise to be
But you don’t have to let them drag you down into their misery
Because good people are harder to search for
That’s what makes them worth so much more

Shades of Gray

Written By: Rick DuVall

“Shades of Gray”
Lyrics, Melodies, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Arrangement – R. DuVall

V1 Must we become ourselves in this life – or the next – why not someone else
Walking patterns, clinging to decisions – that we had to make – learn from our mistake
Pushing, pulling, dreaming our way clear – that’s what we have to do

C We gotta – see this through
I can’t forget about it
Until I’m through
You know we gotta – see this through
But together baby
We can begin to see the end is near

V2 Shall I be good enough – or better – or the best – what of all the rest
Give me one good reason - is this pride? You know I can’t decide

C (same)

B I see in shades of gray when
Big circles close my life in
Some people think that’s all good
Sometimes I wish that I could
You think I’m anti-social
I’m sick of being local
Please don’t tell me what I should do

C We gotta – see this through
I can’t forget about it
Until I’m through
You know we gotta – see this through
But together baby
We can begin to see the end

Am I Sleeping

Written By: Rick DuVall

V1 - This whole life up to now
Is a fragment of a dream
That I remember when I wake up
But only for a minute or two – and then it's through

C - Am I sleeping when I'm with you
I push myself until I come unglued in all that I do when I'm with you

V2 - That velvet brown I see in your eyes
Can bury me till I can't breathe
Then your voice sings
And brings me... back to life

C (same)

B When I'm with you...

V3 - There's a world outside of here
Where people live and die
They close their eyes every night
But try as they might, they never find that dream


The Make CD (1996)
New Beginnings (2003)
Promo 2003

Set List

We play 100% original songs. Currently we can play up to one hour - 13 to 14 songs.