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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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1998 - "Look Up" (e.p.)
2003 - "Two Singles" (e.p. recorded w/ Bob Ezrin)
2003 - "Balloonatic" (full album w/ Bob Ezrin cuts).
2007 - "Mood Swings" (e.p.)
2011-2012 Studio sessions recording newest material.

"Balloonatic" can be streamed at

"Mood Swings" and most recent Balloonatic cuts can be heard on

Morning Sun and Love Me - Two songs off the recent e.p. titled "Mood Swings" have received radio airplay throughout Chicago on Q101 (Chicago's Alternative Station). The band has been featured on Q101's "Crash Test Radio" and has played live on the station's Morning Show "The Morning Fix".



Balloonatic is a 3-piece power trio from Chicago, IL. The band is highly influenced by early Blues and Motown/Soul.

Picture this: John Bonham on drums, Jimi Hendrix on guitar and James Jamerson on bass. Does it sound like a band you'd be interested in checking out? We sure as hell think so!!! Enter... Balloonatic!

The band formed in 1996. Playing out all over the midwest and gaining a following as a hard rock band. The band decided to go on hiatus in 2004 after many transitionary phases over the years. Like Pearl Jam, the band had a rotunda of drummers to sit-in and join the band at different times.

The most recent lineup consists of two brothers that live and bleed music. A brotherly combo that encapsulates Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton. How did Balloonatic finally meet their current drummer? Quite the interesting tale:

Dan met Brian at a rare Pearl Jam concert at the House of Blues in Chicago in October 2005. During this time, Dan hadnt played bass in almost 2 years due to Balloonatic calling it quits.

After both Dan and Brian were not let into the music venue due to a complete sell out and a Robert Plant special appearance, both decided to go to the bar downstairs to wallow in their sorrows. Being introduced through a mutual friend in the music field, Dan learned quickly that Brian was a phenomenal drummer that studied with Ray Luzier in California and worked the west coast and midwest as a sessions drummer. Balloonatic had a chance to snag a badass drummer!!!!!

Unfortunately, the dream meeting was cut short. Brian was heading to Seattle within days of the concert for work, never to come back to Chicago. After exchanging emails, both went their seperate ways. Three months later, as the new year rolled in - 2006 was the year that Balloonatic got its bearings back in motion. Brian emailed Dan that he was sick of the job he was doing in Seattle and sick of the dreary weather and rain. He was COMING BACK TO CHICAGO!!!

The band dove deep into rehearsals in February 2006 and wrote over 20 songs within 6 months of getting together. The music was raw. It was deep. It wasnt as much hard rock as it was motown influenced and full of SOUL. It was something different. Something special. In 2007, the band recorded its first EP of new material since 2003.

As the band ends 2011 with a vacation. The band still holds tight with Brian on drums, Mariusz on guitar and his younger brother Dan on bass! With 3x EP's and one full album under their experienced belt and a new EP in the works, the band is ready to take 2012 by storm with new tunes and a new tour.

What sets us apart from other bands? Thats simple. Our live show is a cosmic energy. Three musicians were put together to showcase what pure talent is all about. There are no stage shows or antics or light show needed. Our music and raw energy leaves people begging for more. As you stand your mouth salivates and your heart beats to every note and melody played. Everyone in attendance bares witness to something special.

We play with our SOULS! Each and every note is played as if it were our last. Thats what a BALLOONATIC show is all about.