Balls Deep

Balls Deep


Dirt-nasty, no-bs Heavy Funk. If Frank Zappa and George Clinton made a pornagraphic film in the backseat of a VW minibus, Balls Deep would be the soundtrack.


Formed in 2013 by Misha Savage, D-vo Crawford, and Franzio Celestin (The Kollectiv, Groovestick), the band came together in lieu of another local group calling themselves Just the Tip. The group began building a strong local following of crazy college kids in the town of New Paltz, NY. Based out of a vicious, pulverizing rhythm section, ferocious distorted guitar a la Eddie Hazel, and obscene, bizarre lyrics- the band has prided itself on energetic and engaging live performance, break-neck musicianship, and an image straight out of a 70s porno. The band evokes the likes of Parliament-Funkadelic, Frank Zappa circa 1971, Jimi Hendrix, early RHCP, and 90s G-Funk. How deep will you go?


"Balls Deep" - EP - 2013

Set List

Standin on the Verge of Getting it On - Funkadelic
Get Off your Ass and Jam - Funkadelic
Mothership Connection - Parliament
Flashlight - Parliament
Gz and Hustlas - Snoop Dogg
Earthquake - Graham Central Station
I'd Rather be with You - Bootsy Collins

The Balls Deep Theme
Oriental Booty
High Life
Astro Maestro
Galactic Backhand
Hoop of Love (Lazer Jungle)
Soul Jelly
Sausage Woman