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Ball Star

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We are a hip hop/R&B group with so many levels of creativity.We have 4 members with their own sound,whether its laid back,grimey or lyrical.When you put all 4 sounds together you get 1 crazy and significant sound.The good thing about that is,it isn’t what you normally hear.It’s new.It’s Ball Star


Even though a lot of hip hop acts make it big being solo,it makes it harder for groups to do the same. That doesn't stop us from doing what we love though. What sets us apart from other groups is the fact that what we dont talk about things that we dont have. What you hear is who we are,and not a lot of people can honestly say that. We have performed in the best of places and then also the worst of places. We actually got kicked out of a bar because they didnt know that were a hip hip group.They thought we were a rock band.It was probably one of the worst shows we have done because we got cut off after about 2 minutes, but we all laughed it off after. Now the best is when we drove out to North Dakota to open up for "Three 6 Mafia" at the Bismarck Civic Center last year.Performing in front of a sold out crowd of 6000 was insane. We are currently in 103.7's Kiss Superstar Contest. Our song "Ride By" was voted into the Top 20,and our fans each week voted us into the Top 10 and to the Top 5 and into the Final Round. We placed 2nd out of thousands of submissions and were the only hip hop group in the Top 5.



"Ride By" - Currently receiving airplay on 103.7 KISS FM

"Im Gone" - Currently receiving airplay on 88.5 WIPZ

"Get Down Like That" - Currently receiving airplay on 88.5 WIPZ


"Ball Star Records Presents:Can I Get A Remix? Vol.1" - Released in 2007 (4000 copies)

"Ball Star Records Presents:That 06 Tape" - Released in 2006 (2000 copies)

"Ball Star Records Presents:We're Back!" - Released in 2005 (800 copies)

"Ball Star Presents:The Mixtape" - Released in 2004(200 copies)

Set List

Our typical set list ranges depending on crowd genre. Our usual set can consist of 3-5 songs but can go up to 10 songs. Sets can usually last from 10 minutes all the way to 50 minutes. (Average set = 15 minutes 3-5 songs)