'03 performances included dates with Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Incubus, Sum 41 and Staind. Voted #1 (out of 13,000 artists) on Expect big things from Ballyhoo! in 2004.


"Ballyhoo! sends the room jumping into the stratosphere" says Unsung Hero Magazine.

With a style that flows like water and can send you from tranquil mellow grooves to full on Anthem rock freefalls, Ballyhoo will take you on a wild and unforgetable ride. Combining "infectous grooves" with "wailing guitars and tight, slappy, funk bass lines" Ballyhoo is becoming one of America's top new recording artists.

This groovey-funky-punky-reggae-rock hybrid definitely is infectous and Ballyhoo! draws solid crowds because of it. Whether you're from New York or New Mexico, if you're into bouncing your head to driving, powerful music or dancing away to their groove-rock style, it is simply impossible not to have a good time at a Ballyhoo! show.

And, if you're from some tiny town where Ballyhoo! can't get to, you'll be happy to know that radio has played a major part in Ballyhoo!'s success with many DJs and PDs going out of their way to give Ballyhoo a great amount of exposure in 2003. With even more interviews, regular spins and sponsored performances already planned, 2004 looks like it's going to be a very big year so adjust that aluminum foil antenna and forget about everything in life but fluid bass beats and choruses that are as big as dreams. "Ballyhoo! is in the house... and it's time to GO OFF!"


debut full-length "365 Day Weekend" (Hooliganz Records/ Fowl Records)
sophmore record "Hold This While I Pee" due in 2004