Balmoral Drive

Balmoral Drive


Balmoral Drive is a one man acoustic show using guitar and vocals to make noises sweet, tortured, soothing and powerful.


Balmoral Drive is influenced by all sounds big and small. A self-professed culture junky, he ravenously bites into the bones of his surroundings and breathes out the secret fragile treasures that he's found along the way.

He has been writing songs for a little more than a decade and capturing most of the results using instruments and devices ranging from primitive to sophisticated. He approaches music like a child approaches a sheet of bubble-wrap, preferring to learn more through experience and experimentation than theories and analysis.

In words, he has been through moments of sarcasm, simplicity, vulnerability, illusion, self-pity, love, sex, death and taxation. He sings with cautious optimism and venomous cynicism touching on points in between for good measure.

His companion of choice for performance is a guitar. As his Grade 5 report card and his resumé have stated, he plays and works well independently and with others. He does not shy away from anything or anyone that makes noise, believing in the granola-esque notion of community.

Although the dynamic of one person and a guitar usually evokes the four letter word "folk", Balmoral Drive prefers to wander into atmospherics and swells of noise at times to keep his audience honest. It's a simple set up that leads into complex twists and turns, always keeping you guessing.

He will play music until the day he dies.

Set List

Set List:

Last Cigarette Before Departure
The World Needs Sleep
From Katherine to Kate
Without a Reservation
Filled With Grace
Camera Eyes
Anarchist's Lullaby

There are many more originals that dart in and out of the set and the occasional cover song will appear on occasion (Radiohead, Wilco, Grandaddy etc.).

Capable of playing anywhere between 20 minutes to 45 minutes and up depending on what is required.