Baltic Cousins

Baltic Cousins

 Bellingham, Washington, USA

Baltic Cousins forge dark and foreboding American melodramas. Oscillating wildly between anger, joy and despair, their music shines light on the lives of those inhabiting the dark corners of the new American West.


In their short lifespan Baltic Cousins have never fallen victim to the trappings of languid contemporary folk or Americana. Right out the gate they have been raging ahead both musically and in their tireless work ethic. Born from the ashes of Wooden Wings in Bellingham, Washington in 2009, guitarist, singer, and head songwriter Brad Lockhart, an avid Two Gallants and 16 Horsepower fan, linked up with violinist Nika Munn and drummer Shawn Stalberger to forge a different kind of country inflected rock band. With a set of demos and an impressive ep entitled For the Hell of Us under their belt, the band added Rabia Magnusson on piano to both add bulk and to smooth over some of the rougher edges. After an eventful year of recording, a move to Seattle, and the replacement of Stalberger on drums by Kyle Alumbaugh, the band is ready to unleash their debut full length The Broken Horn.

Once the hushed, slow burning first moments of the album give way to the tumult of the soaring and catchy Never Hold Your Breath, it becomes instantly clear that the new record finally captures their big hearted sound. But make no mistake; The Broken Horn never suffers from a lack of rawness.

With the pounding drums, to the more textural piano work of Magnusson accompanying Munns melodious violin swirls, the bands sound is an unexpected mixture of in-congruent elements. Lockharts guitar playing oscillates between melodic finger picking to violent slashes of distortion that both anchor and urgently drive the songs, allowing the band to jump from a haunting and melancholic dirge to a full on snarl within a single tune. Letting his vocals rest front and center, Lockhart is also able to divulge his shadowy stories with a pained wail. His lyrics throughout The Broken Horn detail the spectrum of existence of all those who inhabit the dark corners of our modern American West, and there are equal parts grandeur and heartache to be found in his characters.

It is these essentials that separate the band from so much of their contemporary ilk. While employing elements of Americana and twang, Baltic Cousins also rely heavily on their shared back grounds in hardcore and punk to conjure something darker on their new record. The Broken Horn is gut punch folk music that is exuberant and lyrically affecting, delivered with the same amount of recklessness and passion that the band consistently exhibits at their shows. Baltic Cousins are more important than ever to our current musical landscape because they dont give in to modern American ennui; they furiously rage against it.

Baltic Cousins' have enjoyed the honor of performing with these fine acts:

Lucero, The Cave Singers, Fruit Bats, Black Breath, Monotonix, Wovenhand, Two Gallants, Pierced Arrows, Jaguar Love, Japanther, Ravenna Woods, Surfer Blood, Helms Alee, RVIVR, Mt St Helens Vietnam Band & Water Liars to name but a few.


"Demo" 2009.

sound on the sound's top 25 Northwest releases of 2010. Airplay on KEXP (Seattle) KUGS (Bellingham)

"For the Hell of Us" EP 2011

sound on the sound's favorite local EP's of 2011. "Album of the Year" nomination, What's Up Magazine. Best of the first quarter Brooklyn based SYFFAL.COM. Airplay on KEXP (seattle), KUGS (bellingham), 107.7 The End (Seattle), The Waiting Room (UK), WTUL (New Orleans)

"The Broken Horn" 2013

"Hurricane Able" featured on John Richard's Music That Matters Podcast KEXP. "Best of the Year So Far" "Top Albums of the First Quarter" "Never Hold Your Breath" single featured by King's 5s Evening Magazine, Lineout Stranger Music Blog, The Seattle Weekly, Sound on the Sound, Whats Up Magazine, Dangerous Abuse Magazine (France). Airplay on KEXP (seattle), KUGS (Bellingham), 107.7 The End (Seattle), The Waiting Room (Wales, UK), WTUL (New Orleans)