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Balti Mare

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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"Baltimore Gypsy Orkestra at the Sidebar March 19"

The Baltimore Gypsy Orkestra is a group of Eastern European shepherds who were granted supernatural powers of musical talent by a gypsy witch and relocated to the United States a few years ago to share their gifts with the rest of the world. At least, that's the backstory of the 11-piece band as it was given to me by singer/guitarist "Armani Crucescu," which I wouldn't have believed even if I didn't know his real name and that he's been kicking around in various Baltimore bands for years. But goofy fabrications and cultural appropriation aside, Balti Mare's recent show at the Sidebar was so fun and entertaining that how many of the band's members may or may not have authentic roots in the music they play just wasn't worth thinking about too much.

Throughout its hour-long set, Balti Mare worked up an increasingly intense and festive froth with every song, despite starting out at a pretty high level of energy even with its soundcheck. Mixing traditional songs with originals, the band showed its knowledge of and affection for the music it interpreted, particularly in songs that heavily showcased the violin, accordion, and Darbuka goblet drum. Meanwhile, the more rock-oriented material came off a bit like Firewater with an even stronger international influence. The Sidebar isn't the kind of venue that often erupts into a dance party, but midway through Balti Mare's performance, most of the room was moving, and as the crowd thinned out slightly toward the end, those that remained just swung each other around more wildly.
-Al Shipley - Baltimore City Paper


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Balti Mare (pronounced mah-ray) is a 7 piece Eastern European/ Balkan Gypsy band from Balti Mare, Transylvania, performing upbeat dance and party music. Formerly chicken and goat herders from the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains they now perform both original & traditional gypsy folk music in several languages including: English, Romanian, Rroma (gypsy), Slovak, Macedonian, & Serbian. The instrumentation includes: accordion, violin, alto sax, guitar, bass, hand percussion, and drums. Balti Mare has performed at Artscape 2009, Mehanata (NYC), Red Maple, Joe Squared, Sidebar, Walters Museum of Art, the Baltimore Farmer's Market, and have been featured on University of Pittsburgh radio station WUPJ.