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Messiah is raw talent in its purest form! His style merges the Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts era with Hip-Hop Culture. His ability to captivate an audience regardless of setting or location has been proven not just on the renowned Apollo Stage but on many College Campuses, Clubs, Lounge Venues.


Lucking for America, this Iranian-born hip-hop artist worked his way west and now calls Baltimore home. And Baltimore can call him one of the premiere sources of musical talent in its city. This up-and-comer knows exactly how to make ear-catching hooks out of beats and mind-grabbing lyrics out of words. Anybody can put beats together and anybody can string together words. But real impact comes when an artist of true talent is doing the song constructing. Meet that artist.

The Zone

Nobody can deny that B-Amazing is an artist of incredible focus and soaring musical passions. When he’s in the creative flow, his mind and soul go somewhere else, to a world of his own creating. His entire consciousness draws a bead on its target – the creation of fine music. “Music puts me in a zone,” B-Amazing says. Open your ears. Tune in. Hit play. And join B-Amazing in the zone.


NO POSERS! That’s the rule in B-Amazing’s realm of hip-hop. Purity is of utmost importance. Reality is vital. Fakery and fronting are tickets the opposite direction from success. B-Amazing believes in staying true to himself. His hip-hop, he says, will only have power if it’s coming from the real him, not some false face. “Music should come from the heart,” he declares. “So therefore, every song should be a reflection of the artist’s feeling at that particular time.” His emotions have sharp edges. His thoughts and words are dangerous in their truth and independence. This is how hip-hop is supposed to be.

The Artist at Work

B-Amazing is scheduled to perform at the Billboard Hip-Hop and R&B Music Conference in Atlanta this fall. When he’s not on stage (which is every chance he gets), he’s either writing or recording. “I’m always in that process,” he says. B-Amazing is set to dominate the streets with his first mixtape, “Slugfest Episode 1,” a compilation of original songs that also includes a free promotional CD of freestyles set to industry beats.


Never Change

Written By: B-Amazing


I told them once, imma tell them again
This is B all day man, you feel me?
Come on

They can kick me down, they can tie me up
They can’t hold me down, I won’t give it up
See I took a stand, made them change their plans
Hope you understand, this is who I am
I will never change, I will never change
Who I am as a man, I will never change
I will never change, I will never change
Who I am as a man, I will never change

This here could be contagious, I’m trying to teach some strangers
To find that road to heaven, so they can speak to angels
To many secret chambers, life throws you fast balls but at different angles
And still I’m never changing
This is B all day ain’t no rearranging
As long as my fam is good, imma keep it blazin
They recognize how I spit like I keep it cajun
But they don’t really see all the problems I be facing
Bills stacked to the motherfuckin sky
Just quit ma job cause I couldn’t stand the drive
Moms talking school asking why I don’t apply
Gil telling me I need to come with more fire
Damn, I feel I’m running out of time
I’m at that cliff of life bout to take a nose dive
And I think I can’t survive
Now you see why I got grays hairs at 25


If you open up your eyes it’ll be easy to see
You can try but you’ll never be as amazing as me
All my says up and down like the waves in the sea
I’m aiming at the game missing, only grazing a tree
My only time to unwind is when I plays with a beat
My thoughts come out in a song like I’ve been waiting to speak
All I hope is that you like it and it plays in repeat
While I scream I never change like it pays to be me
Shout out, to fab 4 big Malc and Jones
They got me I got them that’s how we rolls
I look for ma friends you can find your foes
Mama thought me how far some kindness goes
This is designed for pros
They ain’t ready for the mic when its time to show
I told Arta keep grinding bro
Live life to the fullest till its time to go


I did some wrong in ma past never claim to be a saint
Caught up in the cash being something that I ain’t
I used to smoke heavy drink liquor till I faint
Now I’m like Picasso with the pictures that I paint
I never say I can’t, I always say I will
I used to live ma life caring how people feel
Ma friends on one side telling me to keep it real
So I put my heart into everything I spill
But damn, I still want the finer things
Drop top coupes with a lotta cream
I don’t know who told you you can find your dreams
All layed low from behind the scenes
I found midas we difine a team
I bring the fire he provide the steam
And that’s that, there ain’t no turning back
Sluggaboyz 07’ homeboy this where its at


1. Let's Ride (Remix)
2. If you aint heard
3. Lovin You
4. What you see
5. You're the best
6. East coast rap
7. Never Change

Set List

Anywhere from 5 - 120 minute set.