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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Show Review"

"...their hair-raising tunes [are] reminiscent of Queen meets 'Rocky Horror' with songs that might have been written by the Bride of Frankenstein..." - HX Magazine

"Show Review"

"...full of Bowie style and corsets and stage presense....deliciously vampy." - Go NYC Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Bambï is a strange sort of person.
You see, she loves to collect things. She has the eye of a magpie, but her tastes do not run to the polished and pristine. No, Bambï prefers the scuffed, musty and forgotten; old newspaper clippings, broken jewelry and secrets. Yes, Bambï has a mansionful of secrets, but none of them her own.
Oh. Can you see Bambï now? Yes, there she is, sitting behind her beautiful mahogany desk. What do you suppose she's doing? Can you guess? Yes! You've guessed it: she's planning a party!
It will be an intimate gathering -- just five people, invited to the big house on the island where Bambï lives alone.
The five guests are all unknown to each other, but we know that Bambï has had her eye on them for some time.
Why now? After all these years? Well, even a woman like Bambï can get lonely -- just ask her. After all, what good is a mansionful of secrets with no one to share them with? And there are things that she still just has to know. Things like: What happens when five strangers come together? Bambï thinks strange things will happen; mysteries will unfold, hearts will be broken, odd creatures will appear and music will be made. No one planned it, no one wanted to make trouble, but there you are.
However, she will not be at the party. No, not Bambï! But she will be watching; through the eyes of a portrait, from the attic window.
There she is now. Can you see her? No? She's just a few footsteps behind you down the hall -- yes, there where you used to be able to see the garden from the balcony before the accident happened. Don't worry, Bambï won't harm you, but be careful what you say once her party begins. People will talk.