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Bamblusion; a rock band fusion of jazz and blues, is the soul project of
Western Massachusetts natives, lead singer/ guitarist Mark Perry, drummer/ vocals
Paul Dawicki, and bass/vocals George Czeremcha. The trio formed in the early 90’s
splitting up years later when Perry moved to California to further accelerate his music
Perry grew up with a guitar in hand. At the age of ten, he started practicing
under the influenced of Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen and Uli Roth. At the age of
eighteen Perry knew the only option for his future, was to create music. Perry began
to explore his potential in San Francisco, later moving to LA in 96’ when his funk
metal band MEDIEM started to take off. Bands like Hoobastank and POD would open
for the band, selling out shows at LA hot spots, The Whisky and The Roxy Theatre.
The band also opened for Guns and Roses’ lead guitarist Slash, in Slashes Snake Pit,
Bonaham and Tony McAlpine. MEDIEM also played at Oz Fest in 2000.
Despite the local success in the metal/ hard rock scene, Perry is most
recognized for a country song he co-wrote with friend Chris Ellis, “One more Beer”
landing him two LA music awards in 2009, and again in 2010 for best CD.
After nearly two decades apart Perry, Dawicki and Czeremcha reunited when
Perry moved back from California in 2010. They immediately formed Mark Perry’s
Bamblusion. Releasing Two CD’s to date; the later self titled “Bamblusion” was
written by Perry and produced by Jim Fogarty. The CD reflects mainly upon Perry’s
past two years and the significant changes that happened when he moved back to the
east coast. Nearly thirty years of playing, song writing and recording are expressed
through nine relatable songs, making their second self titled CD, more of a love child.
Dawicki and Perry have begun writing and rehearsing a third album to be released
later this year.
Paul Dawicki started playing the drums at ten years old, playing live by the
age of fifteen. He further pursued an education in music graduating with honors.
While in college he played in several pit bands, jazz bands and percussion sections
in orchestras. Dawicki, influenced by Keith Moon, Alex Van Halen and Elvin Jones
and has played the east coast from Montreal to Florida and as far west as Texas. He is
currently in The Blushing Brides ‘the most dangerous tribute to the Rolling Stones.’
He has recorded with many bands outside of Bamblusion, including Susan Angelettii's
Wisdom CD.
George Czeremcha started playing music at the age of nine, later specializing
in the bass guitar. He is influenced by Rudy Sarzo, Billy Sheehan, and Steve Harris.
Czeremcha has recorded and played with several bands over the years.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about Bamblusion. Our CD
self titled Bamblusion will be available for purchase on as well as
ITunes, for more info or to check us out live, please visit


First Time

Written By: Mark James Perry

(Verse 1)
I’m feel’n better for the first time
Since that time…a long time…can’t remember time
I didn’t know I had been rolled to the road
In the words of the Stone’s
Been shattered…and tattered

(Verse 2)
I been longing for the day light
Pull in the rope…I won’t float by
I’m back…I’m settled…a bold color yellow
Don’t think I’ll ever question why

Pass this day…no reprise
No cold Jane…no denies
No old days…no more lies

In a dim lit cellar…a soul did write
Beg’n surrender…damn you treat me right
I’m think’n damn you let me go…can’t take no more

(Repeat verse 1)
Pass this day…no reprise
No cold Jane…no denies
Pass this day…no free prize
No cold Jane’s…no more lies

Slide Song

Written By: Mark James Perry

(Verse one)
Painful fall from grace left me longing what I lost
Never realized what I did wrong
Went too deep, my hand did slip
Made some cuts that can’t be fixed
Never, ever want to leave you alone

(Verse two)
Sweet Petunia Grace found me begin for some more
Lord you know she never gonna let me down
Now I need you more than ever
We’re playin so damn clever
Never, ever gonna leave you alone

(*)Open A w/12th fret fills ending on D

Don’t live like the world is a disaster
Don’t make like the end is coming faster
God save me from burden of reactions

3rd chorus only-(Can’t make me satisfy distractions)

(**)Open A w/4th string fills
Six string’n
Heart beat’n
Soul scream’n
Can’t stop me
Move’n down the track
Move’n down the track
Move’n down the track
Never look’n back