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Bamboo Diet

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Band Metal Punk


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Bamboo Diet @ Casa del Popolo

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Bamboo Diet @ Café-Resto Bar L’absynthe

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Bamboo Diet @ L'Escogriffe

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal, Quebec, Canada



DSM-VI is an album that is, by all means, demented. Sick and demented. If you are a fan of that progressive crunch that bands like Unsane, Rapeman, and Trumans Water are known for, you are going to eat up the viciousness of Bamboo Diet from Montreal. It’s brutal mayhem from start to finish, produced in a fashion that’s a combination of lo-fi and garage,as if these guys borrowed their grandfather’s cassette deck and said “let’s record this thing”, but it fits their music perfectly. The guitar and bass work are abrasive, and the drums are claustrophobic and as powerful as anything you ever heard. At one point during “Bonemeal”, guitarist/vocalist Terence Boisvert sounds as if he magically pulled out a bottleneck and just dug deep into some random Canadian swamp and ripped into the blues. It sounds so out of place, foreign and distant, but it matches the doom of the song, as if to say “the blues is what you’re dealing with, let’s go deeper”. “Obakemono” is the kind of song where the volume and intensity of that rising chord will make you feel like blood is rushing to your head or you feel gun power rising up your neck with a skull filled with explosives.

Fans of White Mice could easily get into the level of maniacal sound Bamboo Diet create, I would love to know what a Bamboo Diet show consists of. As for their progressive-ness,it comes from not only being able to switch tempos at any given moment, but understanding the changes and not just chopping up their songs for the sake of sounding technical. There’s volume, there’s technicality, the sound quality is straight out of a 1962 garage, but they do it without sounding like guys who have no idea what they’re doing. This is awesome.
- This is Book's Music

Before I start blithering on about this week’s mandatory shows, let me hip you to a couple of local releases from sludge-slingers Bamboo Diet. For fans of the glorious noise rock labels of yore like Amphetamine Reptile, their debut album DSM-VI is sure to grab ya by the short and curlies. The production is a bit spotty but the lurching surge easily makes up for any shortcomings here. Bamboo Diet’s latest release is a seven-inch on l’Amiral Records, with two blasters that’ll liquefy the fillings in your teeth. Check out for more info. [...] - Montreal Mirror


Bamboo Diet - Oilskin
Release date: December 2012

Bamboo Diet - DSM-VI
Release Date: July 2010

Bamboo Diet - Faunah Messiah/The Dark Flow 7" (L'Amiral Records)
Release date : August 2011

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This is Bamboo Diet, and their music is frustratingly hard to categorize. It has actually become a in-joke of sorts, for the guys in the band, to inquire of their friends and fans and music nerds, to come up with a neat little niche for the band's records to be filled under in local Montreal record stores, or to be tagged with on online distributors and blogs. Beyond catch all genres such as hardcore or punk, or more precise appellations such noise rock, nothing that adequately describes what Bamboo Diet do has ever been suggested. What we know for sure is Bamboo Diet are very loud, angry, and driven. Driven to punish themselves by playing music beyond what they can endure physically and emotionally, driven to violently assimilate their influences without ever wearing them on their sleeves, and driven to bulldoze their way through a music scene in which they literally have no contemporaries. Compromise is not an option. Bamboo Diet don't play into flash in the pan scenes or flavour of the month styles. This is Bamboo Diet.