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"Chord Magazine- "Fire in the Hole" - 08.2004"

Fire in The Hole-
Bamboo Shoots are coming at the music world from a rather unique and original angle; South Asian/Indian influenced rock music fortified with beats and samples. Their latest E.P. entitled "Research and Development" is more like a journey then a record. The E.P. is driven by a vibrant, gazing, soulful, [Sade-esque] element which sometimes give off an 80's type of vibe to it. As the music "industry" becomes more and more stifled with cookie cutter, flash in the pan bands of the moment, Bamboo Shoots will quickly find their entrance into the subconscious of Indie rock's mind. We are thirsting for a band of this magnitude. Not many bands can pull off such a solid upbeat rock sound laced with enigmatic sexual undertones the way Bamboo Shoots does. One minute you are making out with your significant other, the next you are jumping up and down with both hands in the air. I see a bright future for Bamboo Shoots. They are the real deal! - Justin Luczejko

"Sellout Magazine - 02.23.2005"

The beautiful thing about pop music is that it is not static. It is adaptive and crafty and can be defined with parameters as wide as a desert sky. Absolutely any genre can be reworked to fit into the pop idiom. From Classical to Black Metal, artists have weaved pop sensibilities of catchy melodies and accessible song structures into their music. In this same vein, The Bamboo Shoots have chosen to use world music influences in their nifty pop songs. South Asian/Indian rhythms and slick samples give the band's EP a timeless yet metropolitan groove.

Brad Filicky
Sellout Magazine | 2.23.2005 - Brad Filicky

" - 11.16.2004"

Bamboo Shoots are five guys from the north east of America and here they present their debut EP. The much vaunted Indian sound never comes overly to the fore and is all but swamped by their western influences.

'Talking To Death' starts the EP off in fine fashion but is topped by 'The World Is Beautiful', which features dreamy vocals and threatens to rock out in a nu metal fashion a few times but thankfully never does. It has a wonderful experimental feel and some Indian tinged rhythms bristling inside the more commercial exterior.

Then things take a bizarre twist. 'Interstate 95' is a pure boy band pop song, from the vocals right down to the shuffle beat backing and synthesised backing vocals. A very odd choice of direction indeed.

'Bombs' and 'Mountain Song' go some way to resurrecting the EP, taking a chill out vibe like the Beloved used to have and making it their own. 'Bombs' in particular features some ambient sounding vocals to relax even the most uptight listener.

The EP is an odd mix of well crafted rock and plastic pop but it's a combination that could well seeing them knocking on the door of the charts fairly soon.

- Russell Barker

" - 12.1.2004"

Why do indie acts temper their individuality and / or blatantly tribute their sound to another? I review about one CD of every five received largely because of this recording epidemic. Artists need to learn the record companies and indie music fans are looking for that rarely approachable 'WOW'. Yet, recorders want to conform to sounds that they lack the financial means and engineering ability to (re) create. It is not going to happen and 'at best' you will be confined to your local scene. If you seek monetary reward create a signature and cash in when a monster producer wants it to conform to the mainstream pulse.

Bamboo Shoots is a quintet featuring two assimilated Indian Americans [Avir Mitra and Kari Sukhia (not to be confused with the Native Americans)]. Together, they attempt to hybrid the sounds of Indian percussion (not the sitar), mainstream pop, mild hip-hop and rock.

The five tracks [plus an intro (track 2 ?!?) and a remix] of the Research and Development EP render as a reasonably well produced demo. Bamboo Shoot's sound varies from song to song. Each is aimed directly for airplay and pulse multi-directional hooks. No consistent sound or musical template is pursued, but is not disorientating because Bamboo Shoots is convincingly capable as a skilled pop chameleon. My main production gripe are that the recording levels sound a little bit off with the otherwise rich "The World is Beautiful".

Research and Development EP jabs at my opening rant because it together, the outfit are talented and flexible performers. Avir is a quality vocalist / guitarist whose talent favorably resembles Maroon 5's Adam Levine. The four other members cohesively provide session quality instrumentation and dependably provide a constructive quirk (notably Shiv Puri's eclecticly sublime percussion). Song highlights include the single ready reggae-tinged rocker "Talking to Death" and the (more recent) Third Eye Blind-ish "Bomb".

Sometimes recordings can offer 'rule of thumb' exceptions. Bamboo Shoots willingness to explore / refine, musicianship and songwriting talents challenged that standard. | 12.1.2004 - Spunout Central


Research & Development EP (6 Tracks)
Untitled [Blue] EP (6 Tracks)

2005 College Radio Promotional Campaign - Pirate! Media, Boston MA.


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