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Bambu Station


"Bambu Station is in one word "profound..." "By no means an exaggeration, their music compels you. This is reggae to the bone!" - Trans Atlantic Review


Critically acclaimed and intense, the Virgin Island band Bambu Station, is one of the most profound and significant reggae groups to perform since Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Bambú Station was founded in 1996 by lead singer Jalani Horton, the culmination of a lifetime of love for music and the quest for sharing and uplifting through sound, poetry, words, and action. After a few years of playing small shows, developing their sound and style and gathering a positive fanbase, the band set out to establish its own recording studio and recorded its first album titled ”Congo Moon” (High Rotation Records), which was released November 1999. One of its songs, “Heathen Fun," was selected for use on a two-CD remix compilation entitled “Walking on Pennsylvania Avenue”, a major relief effort for children with AIDS released on the Open Source Record Label (

In 2000, Bambú Station released the single “Amadou Diallo” independently in memory of the brutally slain New York West African of the same name. The band personally presented the single to his parents at the 2001 Anniversary of the March on Washington.

In May 2002, Bambú Station reached global acclaim with their heart-stirring compilation “Bambú Station presents: Various Artists – Talkin’ Roots I” (Mt. Nebo Records). This groundbreaking album immediately hit worldwide charts, generating international praise from music critics and radio DJs. Radio Stations across the globe added Bambú Station songs to their rotation and “Talkin’ Roots I” was selected as “Compilation of the Year 2002” by and won several awards.

Bambú Station opened 2003 with the release of their breathtaking album “One Day!” Many songs on this album were considered instant favorites. Fans, writers and industry experts all continue to praise the album as “classic”, “very powerful”, and “one for the ages”. From The Beat Magazine, Reggae Reviews, Urban Ambience Journal and countless others, critics dubbed Bambú Station’s “One Day” as one of the most significant albums of the modern reggae scene. Creation Steppin’ Radio selected “One Day” as its “Album of the Year” for 2003. The D.C. Annual Reggae Awards selected “One Day” as “Album of the Year 2003,” the song “One Day” as “Song of the Year 2003” and Bambú Station as “Producer of the Year 2003”.

Since their first tour in July 2004, Bambú Station's fan base has grown tremendously because of their dynamic shows in Mexico, Hawaii, Holland, Belgium, the U.S.A and Israel. Their Talkin' Roots Tour 2004 was the first ever tour of a group of Virgin Islands reggae artists on the U.S. mainland. The band also released the much anticipated followup, "Talkin' Roots II," headlined at the 2005 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and toured the U.S. mainland feverishly carrying their soul-stirring brand of music to the masses.

In October 2004, Jalani Horton developed the Bambú Station Foundation. A family mediator for 13 years, Jalani Horton's continued mission to uplift and invigorate communities and families through grassroots means has the band assisting in fund-raising efforts, lectures, benefits, awareness campaigns and other creative and proactive efforts to address the goal of impacting the lives of children world-wide.

Bambú Station is a significant entity. It continues to produce soul-stirring music for itself and introduce substantive and dynamic new artists. They tour feverishly, perform amazing shows and participate in community events to assist the less fortunate. Bambú Station is worth every bit of attention it receives. Their new album "Break The Soil" has continued the roll of outstanding reviews in the industry and further solidifies Bambú Station as a hope of it's generation.


House of the Living

Written By: Bambu Station

The pilgrims, the little children
The victims of the actions and deeds of the man dem

Man have got to stand in the House of the Living
Man have got teach dem and be there for their children
Man have got to stand in the House of the Living
Stand firm Iya, stand firm
Man have got to stand in the House of the Living
Don't let your mistakes be the mistakes of your children
Stand firm lion, stand firm

Sentry take your post today
Where we know, nothing but dusty bones
You got to be there to not let dem go astray
Momma shouldn't do it by herself
Momma can't do it by herself


Children take free advice always
Take heed from those who love you
Take heed from those that adore you
Take heed from those who take some time to say
Something that is worth your life
Because we love you


Daddy take your post today
Look at the gift God gave you
All the youth know is to love you
Regardless if you there with Momma nowadays
To love your children, you first got to love yourself


Stand firm little Malachi
Stand firm, no gonna let you lie
Stand firm little Pilgrim
For the good man dem will be there right by your side
Stand firm for the little pilgrim
Stand firm for the little children
Stand firm, we're broadcasting live
Be a blessing onto dem!

Humanity Bawlin'

Written By: Bambu Station

Humanity bawlin', bawlin' shedding tears
Palestinians are dying, growing up with hatred and fear
Say a prayer for Yerusalem, first the land of the foe,
Now it a land of their friend
But everytime, I look around,
There's hatred and bombing
In this Dominion


Say a prayer for Israel
Cause some say it's the Arab's turn
To be the victim
But what about the human state
Which man will be the first to love
And get rid of hate


Say a prayer for the Indian dem
Cause a Hindu Indian
Fighting Indian Muslim
And along with Pakistan
Dem playing nuclear game
What wrong with these man
Playing these ungodly games


More than 70% of the world's AIDS population
On one continent
More than 70% of the world's AIDS population
Are African
They're eliminating several generations of our race
Our people, from off the land
Impacting the future leadership of the richest
Continent here on Earth
The Motherland
1.1 million, Congo
2.1 million, Kenya
2.7 million, Nigeria
3 million Ethiopian!
1.5 million Zimbabwe
1.3 million Tanzania
4 million South African
Dying across the land
We're dying across the land
You hear me, you hear me
Humanity a bawlin'
Bawlin', shedding tears
Schma Israel!


Written By: Bambu Station

To be added

Eyes of Men

Written By: Bambu Station

To be added.


"Congo Moon," 1999, High Rotation Records
"Amadou Diallo" single, 2000, Independent
"Talkin' Roots - Volume I," 2002, Mt. Nebo Records
"One Day," 2003, Mt. Nebo Records
"Talkin' Roots II," 2005, Mt. Nebo Records
"Talkin' Roots Tour 2005: LIVE in San Francisco," Mt. Nebo Records
"Break The Soil," 2006, Mt. Nebo Records
"Chant of the Lions I," 2007, Mt. Nebo Records
"New Release," 2010

Set List

Typical Bambu Station shows include searing harmonies, rocking music and intensely penetrating lyrics. Most audiences are very attentive during the bands normal 2 hour set.

Notable songs are:

One Day, (One Day)
Humanity Bawlin', (One Day)
Gunsmoke, (One Day)
Pass It, (One Day)
Good Works, (Talkin' Roots II)
Eyes of Men, (One Day)
Man In Exile, (One Day)
My Actions, (One Day)
Only Jah Jah Know, )Talkin' Roots I)
House of the Living, (Talkin' Roots I)
Even Man Cry, (One Day)
Congo Moon, (Congo Moon)
Dis Iza Warning, (Congo Moon)
Chance To Grow, (Break The Soil)
Who?, (Break The Soil)
Bird's I View, (Break The Soil)
Sing Upright, (Break The Soil)
King Baby, (Break The Soil)
Injoy, (Break The Soil)
Halleluyah!, (Break The Soil)
Contradiction, (Unreleased)
Walk Ur Mile, (Unreleased)
Tings A Go, (Unreleased)
Families of Jah, (Unreleased)