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"A Letter Of Recommendation"

"As a singer of classical music I was impressed how gentle and musically appealing this group presented its music and program.
The style of music is an interesting mixture and offers a great variety in melodious colours. It seems that the musical background of the musicians blends into a unique personal musical language of it’s own.
The colours of Barak Sober’s flute playing range from the classical tone to the folklore style. Nir Popliker’s playing the guitar combines expressivity with virtuosity and the steady gentle sometimes out-bursting but never overpowering rhythms of Gavriel Freisem’s various percussion instruments add a swinging quality to the music.
The group’s arrangements and performance leaves the audience with a feeling of cultural understanding of many musical traditions but in the same way of having experienced something completely new. Classical traditions and avantgarde are mingled very intelligently. This is “World Music” of highest quality and understanding but even more a modern way of expression speaking directly to the audience.
The manner of making music together and the presentation on stage is highly professional.
With great pleasure I recommend this group to any cultural institution. They deserve to be cultural ambassadors as well as musical entertainers of a very high level.
I wish »BAMIDBAR« every success in their career, which to my opinion it will surely accomplish." - Paul Yuval Adam (Classical Singer - Bielefeld Germany)

"Israel Pop In der kunftigen Synagogue"

"...Oriental melodies, combined with Jazz-harmonies make their way..."
"... music inspired by acoustic Rock, Jazz and Worldmusic is distinguished by israeli emotion\sentiment."
"...Passionate songs, some fierce euphoric, some melancholic sentimental are entwined by groovy\cool melodies of the traverse flute and accompanied by the cracking Cajon or slashing Darbouka." - Westfalische - Bielefeld - 2008


Bamidbar - 2009



“Bamidbar” - Israeli World Music Ensemble
(Won 2 first prizes at the European Champioship of Folk 2010)
The concert is recognized and supported by the Foreign Ministry of Israel.

"Bamidbar" means ‘In The Desert’ in Hebrew. It is also the name of the fourth book of the Torah , which describes the searching for the Land of Israel in the desert.
As the name suggests, the music of “Bamidbar” is a path of a musical search for the land of Israel. Israel today is a state of many immigrants (East European, Indian, African) mixed with locals and therefore is a center of cultural encounters. This meshing, together with a strong commitment to western classical, jazz and local music creates a unique musical stew.

The project is mainly instrumental, but contains a couple of songs in Hebrew. The compositions are all original and so are the texts involved.

“Bamidbar” exists for 4 years, and have performed in many venues in Israel.

International Shows:
February 2008 - conducted a tour in FRANCE and GERMANY
2010 - Won 2 First Prize Awards at the European Championship of Folklore 2010 (BULGARIA)

Audience : for all ages.
Duration : 75 minutes.
Suitable for : indoors and outdoors.
Maximum capacity : 1000 people.
Set up time : 2 h.
Bump out time : 0.5 h.