Novato, California, USA

Progressive Pop to make your booty want to drop...


I, (Bam) have played in several Bay Area bands spanning genres from Punk to Metal to Jazz to Irish folk music, almost always in an attempt to thrash out my anger and frustration at some unseen god of chaos that seemed to rule my life. At some point I just said "To hell with this crap", and I embraced the chaos and surrendered to it's sway. I began to see the beauty of chaos in nature. I decided to let myself, and my music be directed by a more feminine, nurturing force that I like to call The Goddess. At that point, the whole energy of my life changed. I began to "receive" songs, like an Angel was whispering in my ear. It was cool!

As I was singing in the back of Whole Foods one day, My friend, Amanda heard me. That was truly the birth of the band Bam!Vox. (by the way, I had like 6 other names, but was talked into that one :) Anyway, Amanda hooked me up with Colin Kennedy (drums, vocals) who shares the same intense, almost tormenting need to play that drives me . That led to meeting Noa Bourke (bass), and with the addition of Heather McFarland (vocals, and inspiration for many of our songs), We we're born. Happy Birthday!

Now with a lot of hard work, a sort of pact to stay honest to ourselves, and hopefully a little help from The Goddess, we strive to become an unstoppable force of Nature that will cause your body to sway to the groove of our music as if you were possessed by the spirits....And hopefully you will be.



The Pressure to be Human