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The best kept secret in music


"CMJ Reviews"

In the vast field of the overclassified genre of rock flocks a black sheep in nun's clothing. BANANA FISH ZERO's maniacal drummer, TEXAS, is never caught without his holy habit, whether he's on stage or just taking obscene album shots. Along with PRINCE HAL and JOHN LAW, who comprise the rest of this wacky trio, he also creates some of the best God-eating rock and roll in New York. On QUICK & DIRTY, the three comrades crank out nine deafening tracks, and not even the second coming could be more overwhelming. A spirited hardcore influence is ever present in BFZ's music, with plenty of crowd sing-alongs and harder than hell breakdowns. The immense PRINCE HAL towers over every track with his rapid bass thumping, and TEXAS becomes a demon behind the drum kit as LAW delivers his sermons to the sinners who have come to the band to be enlightened. Quicker and dirtier than a Catholic priest in heat, BANANA FISH ZERO puts the fun back in worshipping. - CMJ New Music Report

"The Aquarian Show Reviews"

A friend of mine was raving about this band that they saw at the Wreck Room in Wallington, NJ a few weeks ago. Their name is BANANA FISH ZERO. Now, if that doesn't attract you, I don't know what will. So, out of curiosity, I went over to check out BANANA FISH ZERO's website to hear and see what this band is all about! I like it! This power trio is all about partying and singing about the ugliness and beauty of America. The music has a hard punk rock feel to it while maintaining a heavy classic rock influence. It's a great mix and from what I understand, these guys are a lot of fun to watch on stage as well. ...From what I hear, BANANA FISH ZERO put on such an energetic set and while you're in the crowd watching one of their performances, you can't help but to have fun! I got to check out a couple of their songs on their website. I got to hear "BEAUTIFUL" which was extremely catchy and very edgy. "SONS OF BITCHES" is just totally an F-U song that everybody can relate to. And "MAIDEN AMERICA" is just a song that every American needs to hear. You guys have to check out BANANA FISH ZERO! These guys definately have a nostalgic but curious feel to them. And believe me, they are party animals... - The Aquarian Weekly

"Washington Times CD Reviews"

"...BANANA FISH ZERO, a sleeper that we may one day wake up finding at the top of pop charts. It is the funniest, intelligent and most wickedly gifted group of rock musicians around - three guys with absolute command of guitar, drums and bass..."

"...welcome to pure rock, original lyrics that dazzle often with their aching poetry of love and missed love and love lost, and, oh, all that love stuff. Coupled with an inventive invective about growing up, the American commercial culture and other tyrannies that upset young folk, the musical conversation is hip, funny and touchingly real."

"BANANA FISH ZERO can do it all, playing loudly or softly, offering a sonic wall of music, and then presto, wind it down to a little solo instrumental whispering a musical message." - The Washington Times

"The Greatest Rock Band You Never Heard"

"Sure there's lot's of competition in the music industry... The cluttered music world of wanna bee's these days, few bands. Especially the independent ones have a legit shot at actually even being heard by more than 10 drunks at a local club much less the golden ears of some 21 year old A&R guy from Sony Records.

Well Ha,HA,HA to all of you no talent suits that work for the Major record labels cause you've missed these guys baby. Oh yea, a little 3 piece rock/punk band out of New York City is on the verge on making their own little indie label as well as themselves filthy rich!

BANANA FISH ZERO is to blame... These boyz got more hooks than you could find in a tackle box. Take the song 'I LIKE A LOT' for example. A driving beat with superb lead and back up vocals, or how about the little ditty 'EYES OF GODS' which in my opinion has some the modern days finest lyrics. Oh yes! Can't forget about... 'RAISE THE ROOF BEAMS' because that is what the song and this band does. I had the joy of seeing these guys perform out in San Diego a short time ago and they BLEW THE CLUB INTO SMITHEREENS!!!!!! Their live show has so much energy, mainly fueled by the drummer [TEXAS] that few bands want to follow them. Bass Player, PRINCE HAL is a 6foot, 4 inch solid grooving musician. Were talking about stars here people! [The] frontman, singer and guitarist, who calls himself [JOHN LAW],... is a very talented songwriter and showman. Shit...these guys are stars already.

Here's a band that goes on the road... playing gigs to shit loads of people all over the metro area, a band that has merchandise, great music coupled with professional recordings, a small management company called GO CAT GO in Manhattan that works hard... to get them heard and a true desire and spirit to stay in the game until their message is heard by the masses. It will be! Count on it! BANANA FISH ZERO has what it takes to not only make it in the music business but to stay around for a long time too. Word on the streets has them finishing [a new] CD soon. Check them out... or wait to buy your ticket when they play Madison Square Garden, Staples Center, Pepsi Center, etc. - you get the idea! A great band? No! A fucking GREAT band!" - Pole Magazine

"NYC Rock & Roll CD Review"

For a check on the state of New York City rock 'n' roll, look no further...BANANA FISH ZERO...make moot the question of "What happened to rock?"...rock 'n' roll is alive here in Skyscraper Park. - New York Post


Banana Fish Zero - 1997
Point Five - 1998
Maiden America - 1999
Untied We Stand - 2002
Quick & Dirty - 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


BANANA FISH ZERO, the power trio from New York City, are celebrating life with their good time crunchy punk rock. BFZ are raucous, rambunctious and they don’t behave. It's big fuzzy entertainment that is all-inclusive fun.

Formed by John Law, the band started out as a psychedelic punk outfit. Quickly, the music became more succinct, committing itself to the glory of simplicity. Today, the band churns out riff after riff filled in with fat beats and thick bass, compliments of Texas on skins and Prince Hal on big strings.

BFZ are a musical combat unit. Touring constantly up and down the east coast attacking the Midwest and invading the west at a moments notice. Light on their feet there is nowhere they won't go. They are the modern day DIY punks celebrating the 80's hardcore ethic. No one can stop them. They sing songs about things they are not supposed to. They tell the truth. Sometimes with a rhythmic croon, other times a primal scream.

This is what rock was founded on. A feeling we all go back to, a desire to express our real core, a desire to laugh at iniquity, to shout what we were told never to say.

If you want a live show with no holds barred and recordings with a mouthful of teeth, BFZ will leave you fulfilled. This is a band for rednecks, preppies, metalheads and punks. This is primal love.