Banana Hands

Banana Hands


Banana Hands is sweaty and instrumental with an !


"When Banana Hands plays out they ride the stage hard and hang it up wet"

We are sweaty/loud and an instrumental rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Banana Hands was formed in 2004 by guitarist Jay O'Malley and drummer Ryan Lavery who are both deeply in love with one another and think about each other at all moments of the day.


Banana Hands - Fuck You Mad Cat E.P. (Brown Book Records)
Banana Hands - More Reverb (Brown Book Records)
Banana Hands - Banana Hands (Brown Book Records)

Set List

*Dise Stall Fall
*Fagin Yardie!
*Feelie Yobbo!
*Feygelah Yeomanette!
*First Aids
*God, The Musical
*Lustrous painting depicting virgin saturation brushed upon canvases of exposed
feminine essence interpreted via splendorous exquisiteness
*Plato's Assult
*Signs Of Quincy
*Team Pribal
*That Is A Lot Of Cum For A Guy That Cums A Lot
*We Are Influenced by Everything Dave Does
*You Learn To Respect Women While Running a Whore House In New Orleans