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The best kept secret in music


"The Melophobic Solution"

October 21, 2005

Grade: A-

It’s about time a local band gain some notoriety for putting out good music and Bancroft does just that with their new CD, “The Melophobic Solution” a mixture of insane guitars, powerful beats and true lyrics reaching to listeners in various ways.

Bancroft’s music goes the way of Weezer and Jet but also puts their own unique twist to stand on their own.

Bancroft is made up of Andrew Hutchinson (vocals/guitar), Brett Duffy (guitar/vocals), Dave Nemet (bass/vocals) and Mark Poseler (drums/vocals).

“The Melophobic Solution” doesn’t allow time to regroup between songs because each track fits the album individually to give the CD immense variety, something that has been lost over the years in the music business.

What’s ideal about Bancroft’s music is every member contributes lyrically and vocally to the band.

Tracks like “Worst Mistake,” “Stealing Fate” and “The Hookup” show Bancroft has promise to grow and reach out to more fans in other states than Ohio.

“Stealing Fate” is for every college freshman and senior adapting to their new surroundings and trying to survive in the world outside of the University.

The last track on The Melophobic Solution, “Closer,” is a peculiar song that starts off slow but has great guitar solos and harmonic vocals from Hutchinson throughout the five-minute song.

It’s a great ending to a great album.
- By Justin Zelm

"Sunny D's Review"

Bancroft, a local act that I first saw about a year ago playing with another great band The Argument ( caught my attention quickly. I have to admit the first time that I saw Bancroft I was a little buzzed (hey it happens at bars, okay?) but I knew they were pretty good. I admired their stage presence, which was about as energetic as I’ve ever seen a band, but I knew that they had not yet reached their prime. There was a reason for that though - they were still young, and actually had not been together for a very long time. I recently saw Bancroft again, and somehow -with my wit and charm- snagged a copy of their unreleased, brand-spanking new CD single. The single has three songs on it, which are: Money, Telling Me, and No Answer. The new single impressed me much more than their first CD. Don’t get me wrong, their first CD called “Anywhere But Home” is an all right CD - it just doesn’t portray the band’s true potential. However, a couple of years later, they have matured musically to an extent that has regained my attention. The first song on the single Money has a very catchy opening - and the lyrics just describe life for an independent band… “I can’t wait to make money,” and how true is this for almost all band members who are not yet signed to a label and known nationally like Britney Spears (isn’t life just so sweet for her). The second song Telling Me, is the kind of song that appeals to many audiences - very radio friendly. Andy’s (the lead singer) voice is incredible in this song. And the last song No Answer, is funny - well my copy is funny. It isn’t yet edited and the lyrics “She’s one fucked up girl” crack me up every time. Bancroft is made up of members: Andy Hutchison (vocals/guitar), Brett Duffy (vocals, guitar), Dave Nemet (bass/vocals), and Mark Poesler (drums/vocals). When I listened to the new single for the first time, the first thing I noticed was the musicianship (which has advanced a great deal). I, of course listened to it a second time so that I could be enticed by the lyrics - which by the way, cracked me up. Bancroft is not afraid of going out there and saying stupid shit to make people laugh. Although the lyrics aren’t as deep as say, Mariah Carey (WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???) they are funny. I think that Bancroft has come a long way and in my little magic ball, I can see them progressing up that shiny and slippery ladder in the music industry. If there is one thing that is sure to win you over, it is the charm of the band members themselves. So if you do go to a show (and I suggest you do) stop by and have them sign your boobs or something. - The Idiot Press

"The Melophobic Solution"

(Taken From Smother Magazine)

Tearing into guitar-centric hard rock, Bancroft doesn't bother trying to sweeten you up before pummeling you with upper cuts of hard rock and harsh melodies. But don't think you can't sing along folks, indeed you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be humming bars alongside Bancroft's singer. Meant for those folks who think that Queens of the Stone Age are fine but aren't indie sounding enough. "Worst Mistake" is the best track by far was the staccato drumming intro that fades into emotionally stripped raw indie rock. Good stuff!

- J-Sin

- Smother Magazine


* The Melophobic Solution c.2005
* Anywhere But Home © 2001
* In Da House Recordings © 2002
* The October 2002 True Talent CD Compilation *The 2004 Budweiser/Clearchannel True Music CD compilation for 2005 NW Ohio release


Feeling a bit camera shy


Start with BIG wailing vocals iced over thick, velvety distored guitars; add a driving rhythm section and you have a great start for a sweet rock band. Take these elements, combined with catchy melodies and clever hook-driven songwriting, and now you have a band to right home to your friends about. Make that band rock your socks off with a high energy, entertaining live show, and you have Bancroft; the sweetest thing since the invention of the microwave. "But who are these guys?" you ask. Well just four hardworking beautiful men who love to play their music and are on a mission to take it the top....

Bancroft's sound fuses genres of rock, pop, and even funk to create a delightful medley of distorted guitars, infectious hooks, and fun, but captivating lyrics. Currently Bancroft is promoting their second full-length CD, The Melophobic Solution, released the fall of 2005. They are quickly making a name for themselves throughout Ohio and even the nation. Songs from the disc have been played across the country on over 190 radio stations. They have also shared the stage with such performs as The Ataris, Dropping Daylight, Love Arcade, and Local H.

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