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"No way to stop after the first notes"

The Italian act Bandabardò didn't even play the first notes and the audience did already party, after the first bars everybody was finally freaking out. A start into the evening just like the uunusual history of this 6-piece from Florence. [...]
Their mix of Italian Folklore, Ska, Reggae, and vagabonds romanticism in itself is nothing new, but works that fine because you had the sensation to assist an unrepeatable event. [...]
Above all, the spicy lyrics with their critical and ironical undertone are perfectly understandable even if you don't speak Italian, Spanish or French. Singer Enrico Erriquez Greppi is a born entertainer and gave to all the songs a charming introduction in german language, which in itself was already a piece of art. All in all everything was perfect: Performance, Music and the party, only negative point was that the anarchic fun had to end.
- WAZ, Bochum, Germany


La Bandabardò (1994): Selfproduced Mini Cd

Il Circo Mangione (The heavy eater circus) (1996): A glowing and fake world, a hypocritical envelope for all the stories and the characters of the band. Premio Ciampi ‘96 as best debut work.

Iniziali BB (1998): The heavy eater circus, II vol.

Barbaro Tour (1999): Mini cd live.

Mojito F.C. (2000): Studio-Classic. Musically, a short history of their creative development.

Se mi rilasso collasso (2001): Live CD

Bondo Bondo! (2002): For the first time the Bandabardò enters the TopTen

Bandabardo’ (2003): spanish best of

Tre passi avanti (2004): (7th Chart-Position)

Vento in Faccia (2004): DVD

Tre passi avanti (2005): spanish version

Fuori orario (2006): Double-CD, the musical history of Bandabardò, newly
played and arranged with some good friends (live and
studio recordings).

Ottavio (2008): Concept album about the sentimental education of
Ottavio. Direct Top Ten entry in Italy.

Se mi rilasso collasso 2 (2010): The continuation of the Live classic, covering their latest hits and including a new single produced by and with Goran Bregovich.

Too many singles to mention have been on air, on samplers and printed during their career, lately gaining more and more success on German and Spanish public stations.



… born on march the 8th, to bring joy to the world and party to the people.
What no one could ever know: It worked out, from Florence to the whole wide world

It was exactly that day when Enrico Erriquez Greppi, a bilingual singer and guitarist with a French- Luxembourg heritage, persuaded A. M. Finaz, a budding electric lead-guitarist, to ditch all his amplifiers and pedals. Erriquez was convinced it would be a barrel of fun to bring on stage the very same party atmosphere that emerges from those magic moments, when groups of friends get together and start singing countless
songs, in and out of tune.
Once entered in the mood it is inevitable and invariably that everybody starts to groove as hell, joined by a bunch of bongos and other percussions! Well then, the two guys met Paolino a multi- percussionist, specialized in djembe and bongos, and now seemed a real hippie trio. Between then and now Ramon took over his place and enriches the band’s sound with his Cuban flair. Later on joined by another rhythm-guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Orla, the Don Bachi on the uprightbass coming directly from the true street-act culture, young Nuto on a minimal drum kit to ensure that everybody dances and finally their personal reliable sound technician Cantini.

The right musical mixture obtained, the band did everything to become a steadily more devastating live act with numerous concerts and lavish energy: the bardò’s way of performing fits to both the street set and the roaring set of sport arenas, as well approved with e medium of 160 concerts a year. Rock’n roll on the road anytime and anywhere between Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and Slovenia
didn alternated with van crashes and physical exhaustion made them one of the busiest touring Italian bands ever.

As they are everywhere renowned as sympathetic buddies, to have been on stage with many of their friends such as Daniele Silvestri, Max Gazzè, Paola Turci, Patty Pravo, Francesco Magnelli, Modena City Ramblers, Litfiba, Sergio Cammariere, Marina Rei, Raiz, Bobo Rondelli, Lina Sasti, Marco Calliari and latest the great Tonino Carotone is a logical result.
Social and political engagement has been a static element ever since and brought them to collaborations with Emergency, Amnesty, personal engagement in Chiapas, Mexico and many more.
Besides traveling the world, the Bandabardò records discs that, thanks to their faithful fans, make them a phenomenon being constantly in high chart rankings, in spite of their Indie-Label and Distribution.

Among the various awards the Bandabardò won lately the renowned Italian PIMI MEI 2008 award for the best independent album of the year.

2009 saw an extremely sold out club tour in Italy, as well as countless festivals and gigs during summer, beginning from Italies biggest live music event Primo Maggio, to international appearances like Montreux Jazz, Sommerfestival der Kulturen Stuttgart, as well as Esperanzah! in Belgium.

Who could have ever expected in far 1993 that the Bandabardò would create campfire evergreens and become one of the basic pillars of the Italian independent culture?