Banda Desenhada

Banda Desenhada

 Fortaleza, Ceará, BRA

Twee pop for the masses with an irresistable Brazilian touch. And we're really funny people too!


When we were in college, until a couple of years ago, we had this band, Telerama. We played together for about three years and many good things happened then: we were nominated to national awards, toured across the Northeast of Brazil (where we live) and performed at SXSW!

We used to define our style as "nerd rock", because we played rock and we were kinda nerds. After 10 months we broke up the band, Igor and I (Alinne) decided to play together again. The music we make has a special touch. A Brazilian touch, I would say.

With a basic rock formation (guitar-bass-drums) we prove that the Brazilian swing can be successfully mixed to American and British indie pop, altough most of our influences come from Sweden (we used to make jokes about Banda Desenhada being the most Swedish band in Brazil), with bands like The Cardigans and Abba; and from the US, with Wilco and Ben Kweller. But may I give you just a small piece of advice? Listen to us!


As Telerama:

- Na contramão da cidade (Demo) - 2005
- Para recordar (EP) - 2006
- Sem ter amor (Single) - 2007
- Arsenal (EP) - 2008

As Banda Desenhada:
- Enquanto o mundo sai de férias (Single) - 2009
- Banda Sonora (EP) - 2010

Set List

We usually play 8-10 songs in a 30-40 minutes set. No covers, just our songs:

- Sem ter amor
- Arsenal
- Enquanto o mundo sai de férias
- Circular
- Diálogo
- Corações Avariados
- O que o povo diz
- Se eu ficar sentimental demais
- Bom costume
- Cruz
- Azedou