Lecce, Apulia, ITA

BandAdriatica is an original research project in quest of Adriatic Sea bands and fanfares, the ones going with the Ladies during processions or playing during popular carnivals. It’s an hypothetical voyage o’er Adriatic sea harbours, from Salento to Dalmatia, from Venice to Durazzo just ‘till greek islands. Marches and tarantellas, slav dances and greek night songs are read in a personal style. Musicians turn into sailors and leave, searching for a kind of language able to mix different cultures


BandAdriatica is a journey across cultural and geographical boundaries, whose partecipants share the feeling of stretching both kinds of borders while moving through them. It happens in the Adriatic sea, going backwards along the timeline in search of what preceeded its diaspora - the cultural fragmentation that produced a wide variety of musical forms, deeply different between each other but all descending from a common source, like love children of the same water.
The trip stops in Dubrovnik, Durazzo and Tirana, last stop is in Otranto: one stage at each harbour, a concert on every stage, in the places where music has always had the possiblity of traveling and changing, where leaving and arriving people meet each other, with faces and languages in continuous mutation, in eternal search for a possible landing place.
They recover in Otranto’s harbour carrying back an heritage of half cast cultures embedded in the town , end zone of arrivals and invasions, land to win, evident of migrant cultures.
The stage of this journey are the concerts in Adriatic sea harbours. From Dubrovnik to Otranto we stop where music has always travelled and changed. In that Adriatic sea harbours where people, leaving or coming, can met, with all their faces and their languages that still nowadays are changing, trying to find a possible landing place
Eva quartet (from Les mystere des voix bulgares)
‘King’ Naat Veliov and the Original Kocani Orkestar (Macedonia)
Ivo Letunic and Mateo Martinovic (Croatia)
Bojken Lako, Redi Hasa, Ekland Hasa (Albany)


Maremoto - Finisterre 2009
Contagio - Finisterre 2007