Richmond, Virginia, USA
BandHip Hop

We are an extremely different type of hip-hop group that is looking to bring back the lyrical/poetical/punchline/and political aspect back to the hip-hop community. Rap has gone downhill in the past years and we are the breath of fresh air. I guarantee you have heard nothing as unique or fresh.


Sickadelik (Chris Justis) was born in New Jersey and moved to Richmond, VA when he was very young. He has gone through hardships in his life as his parents are divorced and he has lived in a single home and had to start working at an early age. He has a new-school flow with old school punchlines and packed vocabulary. His first hip-hop album ever was the Marshall Matthers LP and from then he fell in love with the genre. His favorite emcees are Eminem, Big L, Canibus, and Tech N9ne. He is 19 years old and is attending a community college.

Bandolero (Nick Badias) is 18 and he lives in Richmond, VA. His father was born in Cuba and has literally worked from the extreme bottom to the middle-class. Nick has also had to work from an early age just to get by and has a very old school flow, can freestyle extremely well, with a new school hard hitting punchline twist being the Battle Champion of Downtown Richmond (2010). His favorite artists are Eminem, D12, Big L and Binary Star.

The two emcees met after work one day when they decided to freestyle to an Eminem beat (Role Model) and flowed perfectly together. They are looking to bring a new era to Hip Hop and have an awakening for the genre and can offer lyrical skills, punchlines, and rap knowledge unlike any other.

Since then they started recording downtown Richmond and got involved in Crunk Studio and Third Eye Ent with another local emcee Fundamental. They have been recording there sense and at one show a local label saw them and wanted to sign them immediately. They have been working with the local label but have not signed to them.


Emergency Alert System

Written By: Sickadelik & Bandolero

Intro: This is your emergency alert system... this is not a test. Allow me to re-introduce my... Fuck That! Oh

Verse 1: Bandolero from the VA take the game so quick they say they need a replay. Im existential.
Running up our residential. With flows official like your first and last initial
Cause Im criminal this shit ain't subliminal to be critical
You ain't immortal, won't take a technique to destroy you
Ain't even lyrics, like you use in your script
I can tell you an actor like you new to the clip
Fuck with me i'll leave you raw like your skinny and rail
Front and get run over just like tiananmen square
So it, 2010 just re-up again
An in the rear-view mirror theres a motherfu**in pig
Got two choices ya'll pull over the car (Run?) Fuck that
I take the hook to this cop's jaw
Anger is a gift so shit watch me use it
And given a fuck with the state so lets lose it


Verse 2 (Sickadelik)
The Deviant demon leaving legions of heathens bleeding of lesions freezing
They hearing my lyrical spirits when I spit spiritual lyrics spherical miracles burst and diminish when its..
Fucking time to burn my book of rhymes and shook the lines from my crooked mind
Im bombin with violence when knowledge is silence the common denominating rhymin menance
The penance of tenants of emcees
The intellectually extreme, demolishing rappers that step to me by any means
Guzzlein Molatail cocktails and spitting flames to rip remains left your wits deranged
Gripping mics like my fists in rage this wordsmiths insane
See I dont write anymore... I just telepathically transmit words onto the page
The unstoppable, undeniable, unethical rippin special medical dopeness
Denying gravity until the globe tips, Im ill and ya'll whack know this
Re-amp Reverse my curse thirst the worst give my verse a second re-wind
Then i'll spit it in braille cause I know ya'll could never "see rhymes"


Sickadelik and Bandolero have two mixtapes (main one Knights of The Underground) out consisting of 12 songs all together. The songs can be heard on their facebook, myspace, and youtube and some of their songs are unrealeased.

One song "My Block" was a single being played on a Wise, Virginia Radio Station.

Set List

(As of October 2011)

Emergency Alert System
The What Remix
Two Ways
Get Down