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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Bandana Brothers Blow-out"

The Bandana Brothers blew up the hall at the 3023 Post VFW this Memorial Day, playing songs with such diversity and humor that the photographer from the Grand Rapids became so mesmorised she forgot to take any pictures.
Improvising song after song, the Bandana Brothers (being a three piece band),played on like they knew what they were doing. They almost re-considered playing the invitational gig due to a recent run-in with the police and learning that the show was a benefit, raising money for a new K-9.

this is a simulated press release. - Mad Pat Kiderm

"The Bandana Brothers Pull It Off"

The 2005 Grand Rapids Art Festival was a huge turn out this year, especially at the Open-Mic tent where The Bandana Brothers just barely got on the performance list.
Approaching the tent from stage right, Danimal fell down timber style from a head rush with the crowd watching the whole thing.
"Zach, why'd you push me?" he asked. Zach walked him to a chair and let the situation cool before signing up to play. The managers of the open-mic were reluctant to put them on the list due to suspicions of extreme inebriation...
waiting and waiting, putting acts on up until the end of the session. Zach and Danimal (little did the managers know) were friends/acquaintances of Ralston, who was to take the stage for the next event. The managers tried to put him on the stage next but he said, "Hey man, let them play!"
The manager inquired to Zach, whether they would be able to perform, to which Zach said "Just get Danimal a chair and everything will be golden". They were reluctant all the way around but Danimal got his chair and the went on to perform Runaway Bride without a hitch. The crowd responded with much excitement, smiling and laughing at the humorous lines depicting a recent news story about a woman who faked her abduction trying to escape a wedding, the Jennifer Wilbanks story. It really was amazing to see them, and everyone forgot momentarily that they were "over-primed".

this is a simulated press review - Mad Pat Kiderm


Recently The Bandana Brothers Live Memorial Day 2005 at the VFW Post 3023 was released on
Also released is a small collection of studio recordings called Prospect Studios 1-4,. In addition I plan to release an assortment of tracks (both live and studio efforts), on Pandora internet radio.
Danimal passed away right in the middle of coordinating studio time to re-record the Bandana Brothers Live 2005 album for airplay on 88.1WYCE Grand Rapids.
Information on how to obtain singles or compilations or Live 2005 copies, email



First of all I want to clarify that my goal is not performance necessarily, I am interested in pitching to performers and recording artists. I possess a very large catalogue of music you can hear more at

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