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Bandana Brothers

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We play a blues/jazz based avant garde. I call it Bluesilingus because we aren't playing music, we're making Love to it.


First of all I want to clarify that my goal is not performance necessarily, I am interested in pitching to performers and recording artists. I possess a very large catalogue of music you can hear more at


Harley Davidson

Written By: Zachery Polk

Dan: "Hey man, did you hear about Harley?"
Zach: "Harley Davidson? Yeah, didn't they just have a parade for him? Yeah, that was a parade they just had, he came back from the-
Dan:"Yeah, he was the guy that came back from the war, they had a parade for."
Zach:"Yeah...yeah, I did hear about him. You heard why he went to the war didn't you?
Dan:"Yeah,I went to High School with him, he was in my class I think,
or the class behind me"

Last of the Outlaws,
an Outlaw from the first day
and he'll be till his last.

Repeat chorus

Dan:"Yeah, I heard about Harley."
Zach:"Well, the thing is,
he was shunned all his life,
his mama got pregnant for him,
she snuck around
with this guy for a long time
and finally got pregnant,
'took three months
before it shown through ,
that her pappy knew-"
They had a fight
for four hours straight.
He kept saying:
'I'm not gonna let you call this baby
with my last name...' "

"She said, 'You know what?...
I'm movin' out,
I'm changin' my last name to
Davidson ..
and I'm name'n the baby Harley.' "


Zach: " So the boy grows up,
gets into a big
barroom brawl
with his buddy
and winds up in jail.
Next day, Judge say's
'I'll give you an ultimatimum,
you can either
do some time here,
in the county jail......or
get enlisted
and help the boys
over seas' "


Dan: "Hey, what happened to Harley though?"
Zach: "Well, he got over there
and was humpin the fields
for several weeks
come into some heavy fire,
almost every guy in his
troop got ruined,
wounded, battered,
he held off the fire,
got them guys outta there,
saved their lives,
come back home
discharged a Hero"


Zach: "Well, they had a big parade, you were there,"
Dan "Yeah, I was there"
Zach: "Yep, he was coming back home,
a couple weeks after that parade,
he see's a guy on the side of road,
parked,broke down,
stops an asks him if he needed help,
come to find out
it was just a flat tire.
so the boy helped
the ol' timer whip that tire
back on the truck,
and got him back on the road
and the ol' man say's
'Who do I owe the pleasure
of helpin me out today?',
and the kid say's
'Harley Davidson'.
Well, the man-
he couldn't believe it.
so he say's,
'Well, where ya off to boy?'
an the kid says,
'well, I'm headin back home,
mama's got vittles on,
gotta get home before it's dark,'
an he say's,
Matter of fact,
you ain't eat yet, prob'ly,
why don't you come home with me,
an mama'd be happy to throw on
another plate.'
and he said,
'That sounds just dandy',
so they did
and off they went."


Well, they're comin up the road,
pulled in the driveway,
mama seen him get outta the truck,
the boy parked the bike,
and she couldn't believe
who she thought she'd seen,
and he come through the door,
and she run up,
and give him a big hug
and said,
'God I missed you, pappy' ,
and all he said was:
'Baby, I'm sorry I wasn't there for ya, and had to be that stubborn,
wished I coulda seen
that boy grow up
and I hope
you can find it in your
heart to forgive me.' "


Runaway Bride

Written By: Zachery Polk

Well it just takes a minute
to Realize,
your soon to be wife is
not in sight.
Is she a Runaway Bride?
Is she a Runaway Bride?
I almost lost my pride over my
Runaway Bride.

Well she could run here,
she might run there,
she might change her clothes,
she might dye her hair

She's a Runaway Bride,
She's my Runaway Bride,
Well, maybe I can let it slide,
Right over my Runaway Bride.

She don't want to bake cakes,
She don't want to wear shoes,
she don't wanna chop wood
what good's she gonna do?

She's my Runaway Bride,
She's the Runawawy Bride,
I thought I might let it slide,
but I don't know,
She's my Runaway Bride.

She called the cops
and said "I'm still alive,
except for this White chick
and a Mexican guy"

She's my Runaway Bride,
She's my Runaway Bride,
I don't think I'm gonna let it slide,
She's a Runaway Bride

I can't marry a Convicted Felon.

she could run here,
She might run there,
She might change her clothes,
She might cut and dye her hair,

She's the Runaway Bride,
She's a Runaway Bride,
She almost hurt my Pride,
She's my Runaway Bride.

She don't want to bake cakes,
She don't want to wear shoes,
she don't wanna wash no dishes
what good's she gonna do?

She's a Runaway Bride,
She's my Runaway Bride,
She almost ruined my pride,
She's the Runaway Bride.

Might get six years,
She's My Runaway Bride.

Wastin' My Time

Written By: Danny Deruiter

Yeah...Yeah oooh yeah
Spent my life with you
You took my heart again
What more could I do?
Am I just a fool?
Am I wastin' my time...Lovin' you
It's just too much wasted time with you
Now I've got two children with you.
Now I'm ordered to pay...
and I have to come down for visitation
and I want them every day
and I dont' know who you're with now
but he doesn't love you like I do
Am I just wastin' my time....lovin'you?
So many years on the line.
What can I do?...Wastin' time
Another woman has come and gone.
Look at my they're grown.
What can I do to change the past that I had?
The love that I still have for you
Every time I look in someone else's eyes....I still think of you
Two beautiful children
But I still don't have you
I did what I can do
Am I wastin' time....trustin' you?
Wastin' time.....lovin' you
Am I just wastin my time
So many years on the line
trustin' you
I did'nt know you would leave me
Take my kids away
and hurt me in so many ways
The children too
Don't you know that I'm still So in love with you
Am I wastin'my time
So many years
Wastin' my time
Probation with the children to see
Tell me you're not still in love with me.
Wastin' my time
Where's that seven years? 2 children
You don't still love me...How can it be?


Recently The Bandana Brothers Live Memorial Day 2005 at the VFW Post 3023 was released on
Also released is a small collection of studio recordings called Prospect Studios 1-4,. In addition I plan to release an assortment of tracks (both live and studio efforts), on Pandora internet radio.
Danimal passed away right in the middle of coordinating studio time to re-record the Bandana Brothers Live 2005 album for airplay on 88.1WYCE Grand Rapids.
Information on how to obtain singles or compilations or Live 2005 copies, email

Set List

What'd I do, Brand New Day, Love Ain't No Crime, Bermuda, Runaway Bride, Chances, Memorial Day Blues, Stone in My Shoe, General Improvisations/jams.