Detroit, Michigan, USA

Grassroots Americana with a Brit-Pop Influence


3-15-2011 UPDATE:

BandB is in the studio writing and recording tracks for their upcoming sophomore release slated for late fall 2011. BandB was also a recipient of a 2011 Independent Music Award nomination in the Film/TV category for their song "Bent" on CW's One Tree Hill.

1-20-2010 UPDATE:

2010 looks to be an exciting year at the BandB camp. With one of BandB’s founding members Peter Keys leaving to join Lynard Skynard, the band has been playing mostly as a quartet as of late. The end of 2009 brought some live highlights, as well as another key music placement. Opening up for Justin Nozuka and Joan Jett at the 2009 Detroit Arts, Beats and Eats festival, the band also enjoyed a feature music placement of their debut album’s title track “Bent” on the CW’s hit show One Tree Hill.


The inception of BandB came about with singer-songwriter Chris Breest’s ambition to make a record in late 2003. Anxious to start production of his work, Breest turned to fellow studio engineer and future drummer of BandB, Matt Binder. The two collaborated and joined forces with various friends and musicians including bassist Brian Rizzardi, keyboard player Peter “Keys” Pisarczyk (George Clinton, Muzik Mafia, Jody Raffoul), and guitar guru Rob Nelson to officially form BandB in April of 2004. Shortly thereafter BandB began receiving press and accolades from playing high profile shows at venues including The Palace of Auburn Hills, and the 89x Homeboy radio show. Their fresh sound even landed them a gig halfway across the country at Monroe’s Bar in Hollywood, California, for Universal Pictures premiere of the music documentary “Dig”. While in Hollywood, the band was offered a record contract on behalf of Universal Music Group, but decided to decline the proposal in order to pursue their self-regulated production approach. Upon setting up shop in an old church they had acquired, the band began tracking what would eventually become their debut album “Bent”.
Finally after three years of intensive studio collaboration with producer Jimmy Romeo, who has worked with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant, BandB birthed their first independent album, “Bent” in January of 2007. The nine song album is an infusion of grass roots Americana with a Brit-pop influence, ranging from high energy beats to acoustic ballads.



Written By: Chris Breest

I said goodbye to the lies,
and stepped right on outside.
Held the gun by the sights,
and blew out my insides.

It's funny the things we do.
How we romanticize.
It's funny the things we do
to ourselves
for shotgun highs.

Now hollow tips may fool the eye,
but still cant solve the crime.
So when you steer your dreams outright
Beware they may not align.


Written By: Chris Breest

It was a cold day in September The likes of which we had not seen before But to be brave is to remember Its just another day in a Holy war with Jews and Christians, all of us but I can't see who's right as soon as I do I'll be sure to let you know I'm sorry It's alright It's OK But the babies are still starving The wheat we feed it to our cow's and whores So shame on you and me and the rest of us You file your complaints at heavens door Cause you can't see just how it eats me up I know by know the time has come He's coming back from war But I'm sorry It's not right It's ok We all fail sometimes I'm sorry It's not right But she said Its ok we all fail Sometimes


Written By: Chris Breest

(1) The day was new my light was gone I sensed the light that carried on But nothing much compares to you (2) Now stumbling haphazardly My memories confronting me and everyone around us knew (3) But I never came around Not like I should have I only let you down Now I find (Repeat 1&2) Cause I was so blinded then simply could not see for everywhere I looked I found a greener place to be


Written By: Chris Breest

At times it seem just hopeless. Our lives all bent and broken. So rise and stand on notice. That now is the time where we can decide. At most no words were spoken. A four leaf clover broken. And All the times I felt so proud but I need you now. To leave now is a crime. Everybodys happy. The poison comes so cheap its hard to leave. So stand now and decide. But to leave now its a crime. Its clearer now. I believe somehow. We can find a place where love still stands upright.


BandB "Bent" Released January 19th 2007

Set List

Set length: 60 - 90 Minutes
Mostly Originals with 1-3 Covers


Ugly Monkey
Digital Disease
Freeway Down
Dripping Faucet
Greedy Eyes
Come to Terms


Folsom Prison
Long Black Veil
Heard it through the Grapevine
Cripple Creek