Band Camp Geeks

Band Camp Geeks


If you like fun, you like Band Camp.


Band Camp Geeks started as a way for some good friends to have a good time and jam a little bit. Originally, the idea was to play a little bit and have some fun, but soon the creative juices were flowing and BC was soon writing their tails off. The result was a mix of fun rock-n-roll with an acoustic tilt.


May 2006 - Self-Titled debut

Set List

A show would consist of all songs from the CD, plus a few covers thrown in. CD song list:
1. Courtney Love
2. Sad April
3. Jager Man
4. Unworthy
5. Blue
6. Promise
7. Wasting Away
8. Broken
9. Lost & Found
10. Nothing
11. Time Lost
12. Pimp Daddy
13. Liquor or Kiss Her