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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF
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"What people are saying about Banderas"

"Fact is, Banderas don’t play by any established “rulebook,” instead taking elements from various shades of Rock to create an action-packed squall dripping not only with strut and swagger, but also a distinct craftiness that’s puts them above the screamy fray. While at times it may just sound like bash-it-out-and-bleed mayhem, the tracks are incredibly, inventively well-constructed, the crisp production work bringing to the fore some elements perhaps lost in the band’s powerhouse live presentation. They truly use the studio to its fullest potential. Things like electronic burbles and Rockabilly-reverbed riffs punch out from the speakers, adding unexpected dynamics to the band’s brute force. The band’s creativity in the studio is downright graceful."

-Mike Breen/CityBeat

"The reckless vibe that the band puts off is not one that they've fashioned for themselves, but more one that they've fallen into."

"It's borderline experimental, but closer to the Dead Boys' volatility, sometimes sounding like a dark, sleazy, Stoner version of Rye Coalition."

-Ezra Walker/Citybeat

Their album Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks is the kind of music you hope to hear coming out of the speakers of a battered radio on a construction site.

-Hans Werksman/Here Comes the Flood

"Like any sensible Rock band, Banderas has adopted a sense of raw showmanship that hasn't been seen since The Stooges. On stage they are beasts and possibly the only working band today that seems to understand the notion of manipulating a sound and an image like a serf and then flagrantly flaunting it at every performance."

"Part of Banderas' success is achieved by combining familiar and arcane Rock & Roll posturing with a few post-modern twists. The band has all the pomp and swagger of the Rolling Stones with a teaspoon Mike Ness, often sounding swampy, sleazy and sexy."

-Ryan Mclendon/Citybeat
- Various


Sound the Gongs (coming late 2011)
Record Store Day 7inch w/ Peterpan Speed Rock, and Danko Jones (Suburban Records)
Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks LP (Suburban Records reissue pending)
Hired Guns split EP
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Banderas comes on like a fiery chariot through the streets or some kind of rock n' roll colossus. The results are what has been aptly coined as "Dune Boogie" - a duck press of get out and dance garage rock, swaggering desert tinged stoner rock, hazy opium den grooves, and everything else grandiose along the way. That big beat kicks in. The guitars are a symphony of dinosaur howls. Square wave and rock organs trumpet through the air. The singer's all lost in freakout. Kinda Mick, Iggy, and Brando when he started to lose his shit. Like all those great rock bands, they look like some street gang you secretly want to join.

The initial years of haunting local Cincinnati rock clubs yielded to the completion of "Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks" -a 12 verse paean dedicated to the city at night and all of the things that reside in it. Like a magic key, doors opened to rock n' roll fortunes. Praise was praised. Awards were awarded. Roads opened their gaping maws to tours stretching as wide and far as the west coast, the great lakes, and throughout the south. Banderas quickly found themselves on everyone's shortlist of bands to watch. Even the Van's Warped Tour found itself with a full on treatment of Dune Boogie. The secret beats were sounded. Men raised their drinks. Women danced until dawn.

In a classic Kevin Bacon game fashion, Banderas caught the eye of Dave Angstrom of Hermano/Supafuzz/Asylum on the Hill, bringing them into contact with a soon to be finalized signing with Europe's Suburban Records as the dudes continue to extend their reach throughout the midwest and beyond. 2011 will also see the release of the next Banderas record "Sound the Gongs" delving into deeper territory and adding smoky beats, mechanical rhythms, and psychedleic melodys to their established sonic menagerie.

Notable Accomplishments

Added to artist roster of Ram Lauwrier/Ramanagment (Hermano, Kyuss, Asylum on the Hill) for European representation.
Midwest/Westcoast/South Tour Supporting Rumble Club (Hairball 8 recs)
Regional Support for Reverend Horton Heat (Yep Roc)
Headlined the Kevin Says Stage @ the Vans Warped Tour
2009 Midpoint Music Fest Selection *Budweiser Select Editor's Pick
Headlining Band for 2010 Clifton Heights Music Fest
Headlining Band for Cincypunk VI
2008 CEA Nominee for Album of the Year (Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks)
'06, '07, '08, '09, '10 CEA Nominee for Best Hard Rock ('07 and '10 Winner)
Opening act for The Dwarves, Electric Six, Valient Thorr, Nashville Pussy, The Elms, Foxy Shazam, Tub Ring, Murder by Death, Living Things, etc.