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Band Geakz

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They are the coolest Geakz you will ever know. Representing Stone Mountain, GA the Band Geakz earned their name by being musical geniuses. Jit-Lee and Yoshi are the two members that make up the duo which was formed in the summer of 2009, although they have been friends since high school. Jit-Lee was featured on F.L.Y.’s hit single “Swag Surfin”, and the Band Geakz were featured on F.L.Y.’s Def Jam release Jamboree three times. But it wasn’t until the Band Geakz dropped their street single “I Be Goin Off”, in the late summer of 2009, that Atlanta’s legendary underground scene started to take notice of this fresh new duo. “I Be Goin Off” was an undeniable club banger but it was only the beginning. The Band Geakz debut mixtape, entitled Band Camp Music:1101, was released during the 4th Quarter of 2009 and was an instant success. With very catchy melodies, and punchlines that will make you rewind your iPod, it wasn’t long before the Band Geakz began making their imprint in the city of Atlanta and beyond. Now Jit-Lee and Yoshi are anxious to expand the Geak movement to its fullest potential. “We make music that can appeal to all audiences”, says Yoshi. “We listen to all genres of music so versatility comes out in our records”, says Jit-Lee comments when asked about his inspirations. Other inspirations that he mentioned include Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, T.I., and Drake. “It won’t be long before the whole world knows about the Band Geakz…we’re trendsetters”, says Band Geak Yoshi, “We are here to stay”.


Band Camp Music:1101 - 2009