The Great Bandini

The Great Bandini


A four-piece rock band from Boston with well-crafted songs and a smokin live show.


Somewhere between classic pop and manic new wave lies The Great Bandini. The Boston quartet got together in late 2005 and began writing songs in the tradition of Badfinger, Sloan, The Knack, and the like (but not The Like, who they like, but are not like). They called themselves The Sidemen, all the members having been supporting musicians in well-known local rock outfits: Singer/guitarists Eric Barlow and Scott Janovitz were with Yep Roc artists Jake Brennan and The Confidence Men, while drummer Matt Burwell was in The Pills, and he and bassist Chris Zembower both played with Bleu. When it became evident that this was more than a side project, the band name was changed to The Great Bandini, in honor of Arturo Bandini, author John Fante's classic and appropriately absurd protagonist. They spent the next year working on new material, playing buzzed-about, high-energy shows around the northeast, and recording their recently-released, self-titled debut album. The band was a finalist in the WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble and won a 2008 Boston Music Award for Best Song (for "One and One").


"Advance Copy" EP, 2007.
"The Great Bandini" LP, 2008.

Set List

The set is almost all original with the occasional well-placed cover. The Great Bandini can play anywhere from zero to sixty (minutes) or longer. You should see the "zero" set. It is mind-blowing.