Bandish Projekt

Bandish Projekt

 Mumbai, Mahārāshtra, IND

The sounds of BANDISH PROJEKT come from Mayur Narvekar, a composer, producer, DJ, remix artist, performer and a multi-instrumentalist. ‘Bandish’ in its Indian classical connotation means ‘composition’, while Projekt reflects its innate experimentation. Check Out:


The stage is set for varied and great musical ventures, but it rooted from the passions of a crazy music fanatic! Mayur started dabbling in music from age 5 and was then trained in Indian classical music. A tabla ace, Mayur dived head-on into the world of percussion, earning repute as a tabla player, and adoration as a jazz-funk drummer.
He has used these roots to bring to his music a native maturity, authenticity and ever-flowing change. His taste for strange sounds and electronic noises brings a certain wildness and rarity in his style. While his classical element keeps him grounded, Mayur’s need for experimenting takes him to unchartered scales. His music is his journey and it is that journey he explores! See attached link:


Bheja Fry Records

Bandish Projekt - I Am Not Alone

Bandish Projekt - Bandish Projekt Feat. Shaa'ir
LOVER (Single)

Bandish Projekt - Chase (Single)

Bandish Projekt Feat. Last Mango in Paris -Brown Skin Beauty (Single)

Bandish projekt -DIDI 1 - Correkt (Album)


2010 marks the year when Bandish Projekt Has released their newest album ‘Correkt’ and collaborate with cultivated performers to widen the musical dimensions. Buy it on I Tunes:

Set List

2 Hours