The Bandit Kings

The Bandit Kings

 Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

Female led Boston-area, Alt. Country rock band with vintage jangle sound/modern rock rhythms and unison/harmony lead vocals. "These guys have the potential to be huge. Not lower-case “h” huge, but Huh-yooooge... (Francis DiMenno, The Noise-Boston) Epic Hello out Now! New Single Coming 6/12


The Bandit Kings are an alt. country/rock/pop band with two female lead vocalists, a vintage jangle sound and modern rock rhythms from the Boston/North Shore area. Described by reviewers as an alt. country/rock/pop band in the tradition of The Pretenders, Heart, The Bangles, REM, with hints of Lucinda Williams. The band features Ann Marie on lead vocals, Renee Dupuis on lead vocals and keyboards, with Dennis Monagle (drums), Joe Cardoza (bass) and Dan King (lead guitar).

The Bandits debuted in March 2010 and have since played multiple clubs in Boston, Los Angeles and around New England—including the TT the Bears, the Plough and Stars in Cambridge, LA's The Mint, Molly Malones and Saint Rocke; and the House of Blues in Boston. They are the house band for a weekly Open Jamm at the Rhumb Line in their hometown, Gloucester, MA . The Bandits recently celebrated the release of their sophomore LP, Epic Hello this past November at the Lizard lounge in Boston (an event sponsored by The Noise and the North Shore’s Gimmesound).

This twangy-heavy group is hitting their stride after a recent guest spot on Sirius XM radio’s Having Words with Meg, (national hour long show hosted by The Loft’s Meg Griffin) and enjoying the November cover of one of Boston’s oldest music magazines, The Noise—Boston.

RADIO: Meg Griffin's Having Words Sirius XM Full Program on the Bandit Kings with Producer Dave Mattacks 1/12
Singles Carnival, Laredo, Blue Sky Sundown, and Show Me the Stars Tonight have been featured and replayed on 92.5 WXRV The River, Evo Rad and many more.

The Bandit Kings are represented in the West/SouthEast by Lovestruck Productions and by Boston Entertainment Works in the NorthEast. Managed by Victory Agents.

• Rumblefish
• Parma Music Publishing.

The Bandits interpretation of the alt. country, jangle rock guitar sounds, mashed-up with the harmony and unison of the ethereal Renee and the throaty Ann Marie, make for a powerful musical attack: "both have voices that bring us back to the dawn of country rock, whisky soaked and raspy in just the right places while never crossing into the overpowering." Along with King, Monagle, and Cardoza's modern and classic beats. The band covers hot b-sides (the Pixies, the Pretenders, Jeff Buckley, etc.) but play mostly original work.

[The Bandit Kings] are no ironists, camp followers, or genre clowns; rather than treating country as a bad joke, they take the genre, and their work, quite seriously indeed, enough to make even a jaded connoisseur want to really like them, and the care they have put into their debut collection is proof. I am even willing to stick my neck out onto the chopping block--something I’ve done about half a dozen times in the last twenty-six years--and venture that these guys have the potential to be huge. Not lower-case “h” huge, but Huh-yooooge...” (Francis DiMenno, The Noise-Boston)

The BKs latest album, EPIC HELLO was released November 2011 and features new singles Carnival and Epic Hello.
"The title track “Epic Hello” stands by itself as a soothing, sad, emotional journey of desire with a matching melody that is rarely stumbled upon by any rock ’n’ roll musicians."

• Co-produced by Dave Mattacks;
• recorded by Tony Goddess at Bang-A-Song Studio in MA;
• mixed at Q-Division in Somerville;
• and mastered at M-Works in Cambridge.

First single, Show Me the Stars Tonight, combines a country twang with rolling guitar and conspiratorial song-play by lead singers, Ann Marie and Renee Dupuis. Call it Alt. Country, Jangle Rock, Cowpunk, Rock/Pop/Indie, the album is full of surprises and thoughtful originality, from the angry roar of The Jerker, to the steady mantra of GoGoGo. Also on the album are fan favorites Threads and Over, as well as radio hit Laredo all emphasizing moody harmonies and honest homages to love, heart-crush,



Written By: Dan King

Back in Laredo
my lady stays
fumblinʼ round the west
the rio way
seven flags flown high
and the world touched the sky
with no goodbyes
Iʼm going, going back
to Laredo
Back in Laredo
hot summer nights
my lips were dry
so I pulled on a bottle from my side
stars came out to play
and I walked along that bridge come mexico way
back in laredo
Iʼm just night walking by the corner cafeʼs
watching the street boys pick their fights
along the way
I brushed you from behind
you held my hand and sighed
and I donʼt mind
Iʼm going, going back to Laredo


Written By: Dan King

pull into the valley and park
tip the man, walk on over, it’s a spark
you feel it run down your wrist

A vip walks on the ledge
but I don’t have that much to spend
we don’t have to show till 10
there’s a knock on the door
and you go go go. go go go

the lights are all blurry and bright
up the elevator, got a good suite tonight
its the usual place to be

the room service ended he said
a machine in the lobby downstairs
we gotta move to get where?
there’s a knock on the door
and you go go go

B/ miles and miles and miles
get off at stop and see
pick up something for me to read

every days a new city light
I pack to unpack, it’s the same every night
feel the rhythm, can you feel the beat?

come say the mantra with me
it’s easy when you’re walking the streets
come sing your own melody
there’s a knock on the door
and you go go go


Written By: Dan King

he heard the news from under the table
climbed the stairs but not in time
another one down she said
as he struggled to remember her name
the nights are complicated
the road is old and broken
the frozen heads been soaking
too long
the times they all created
the red skies they fell under
I tried to separate and lost
Youʼre the one for me
no one left to betray on the coast
walk fast and forget the past
smack dab in the airport maze
her ghost comes marching in shades
dim lit and a half cigarette
cruel view on a strange city night
all alone with a back alley band
thereʼs a subtle light knock on the door

The Jerker

Written By: Dan King

verse 1
Sad times, freak out lines, drinks on the way
kind of like my low top ride, boots high and fake
feeling fine, took some time, to get over it
here he comes, still on the run and into the pits
hide your eyes, hide your eyes
the jerker, the jerker
verse 2
it was love I was thinking of on a sunny day
now its dark, put out the spark,
I canʼt wait for the fade
highs and lows with nothing to show
but burned out remains
Iʼm strong, donʼt help me along
I know your name
leave me alone
donʼt you talk to me
get away unless you want me to scream
Iʼve got a right to be here tonight
verse 3
bad fights, turn off the lights,
Iʼm done with this
little boy donʼt make me annoyed
I can throw a fit
walk on, clothes on the lawn,
canʼt find your jeans
too bad, it donʼt make me sad
it makes me mean

Epic Hello

Written By: Dan King

Epic Hello
it must be the night
oh no you don’t
some kind of love
hello, oh epic hello

remember me I’m all alone
we once were and now we’re gone
we’re off to the races, memories and faces

turn those lights on again,
listen to me, I don’t want to be friends
I want it all, I want it all

you got the time of day
it just plays and plays
when will I see you again
oh epic epic hello

remember me I’m all alone
we once were and now we’re gone
we’re off to the races, memories and faces

turn those lights on again,
listen to me, I don’t want to be friends
I want it all, I want it all

I’ve got a lot to say
it takes more than a day
oh there’s a star
oh epic hello


Epic Hello (Full-Length CD)
Live in Los Angeles (Full length, download only)
Precious Stones (Full length CD)
Show Me the Stars Tonight, single (92.5 WXRV The River)
Over (single)
The Jerker (single)
Laredo, single (92.5 WXRV The River)
EP (four songs)

Set List

1, 2 or 3 set shows available.
Multiple set shows up to 3 hours include cover songs.

Some Originals:
Show Me the Stars Tonight (Bandit Kings)
Motorcycle (Bandit Kings)
Decompression (Bandit Kings)
The Jerker (Bandit Kings)
Over (Bandit Kings)
Laredo (Bandit Kings)
GoGoGo (Bandit Kings)
Threads (Bandit Kings)
Blue Sky Sundown (Bandit Kings)
YTOFM (Bandit Kings)
Bad Girl Fast (Bandit Kings)
Twist My Arm ( Bandit Kings)
Epic Hello (Bandit Kings)
Take Another Look (Bandit Kings)
Down Cold Razor (Bandit Kings)
Black Seal (Bandit Kings)

Sample Covers:
Jeff Buckley
Violent Femmes
The Cure
Talking Heads
Elvis Costello