Band LeGrand

Band LeGrand


"These guys are the equivalent to the great new boyfriend (or girlfriend) that makes you realize that you had been just settling before!"


**CityBeat - Cincinnati, OH** Some bands like to call themselves eclectic because they are so audacious, they do both rockers and ballads. Band LeGrand doesn't need to make such claims; a simple listen to a few of their songs and you'll realize you're dealing with some highly skilled, remarkably clever musical chameleons. The grand Pop instincts of early ELO, the inescapable, moving harmonies of The Beach Boys and the broad, theatrical song structuring of Queen form the band's creative core, but they're not above jumping into, get this, authentic, banjo-laden Dixieland Jazz if'n they feel like it. If it wasn't put together so well, it would come off like a novelty. But, while fun, Band LeGrand is no joke. Dig It: If your iPod segues Queen into Scott Joplin into The Beatles into Grandaddy, this is your new favorite band. (Mike Breen)

-Selected by Asthmatic Kitty Records as one of the top 36 favorite songs (out of over 600) in the "Great Sufjan Song Christmas Exchange" contest.

-In 2006 named by Billboard Magazine as "Diskmakers' top 14 acts from the Southeast"

Formerly known as 'Ballroom Dancing', LeGrand is on a mission to re-establish the good, old-fashioned enjoyment of great pop music by combining the styling's of everybody's favorite groups and rock legends: (dare we say it!)The Beatles, Queen, ELO, The Beach Boys. But, not only do they inspire awe with enjoyable eclectic song crafting but also the most spectacular of stage shows. Let me tell you!

**Melody Notes Music Group - Nashville,TN** "Band LeGrand! - the best and most entertaining live show I've seen on the indie circuit. The energy they put forth combined with their wonderful musicianship and their originality will take you to a whole new level of musical enjoyment. These guys are the equivalent to the great new boyfriend that makes you realize that you had been just settling before."

They have rocked with such bands as Of Montreal, rocked at such venues as The Key Club (Hollywood), rocked at such festivals as Midpoint (Cincinnati). Heck, these boys have even rocked the deaf (definitely not a joke). If that's not the power of the "ROCK!", 'There ain't nothin' on God's green earth gonna make you believe!'


2006 - Tour de Force EP

Also featured on:
Disc Makers IMWS 2006
"The top 14 acts from the Southeast"
-10,000 distributed for promotional use to radio stations, newspapers, music magazines and more.

In regular rotation on:
Chattanooga's 91.5 The Wall
96.5 The Mountain

Set List

A set full of original songs you've never heard but wished you had!

Fluent in great covers of:
The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard