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Band Nerds

 Arlington, Texas, USA
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Band Nerds is a super group based out of Dallas, Texas. Their music is a mixture of smooth-rough, melodic-lush, Epic hip hop Rock, and Soul, with world-based content and lyrics.


Band Nerds is a super group based out of Dallas, Texas. Their music is a mixture of smooth-rough, melodic-lush, Epic hip hop Rock, and Soul, with world-based content and lyrics. They met as students at the renowned school of recording arts, Media Tech Institute. Although the group has only been together for less than a year and counting, the chemistry when in the studio together is unmatched in the DFW area. With styles so different being brought to the table each member is what makes band nerds unique.
Brandon Cross Born in Pennsylvania, raised in Waxahachie Texas, a small city just outside of Dallas. Heavy into Jazz not really listening to the deep south hip hop that was in heavy rotation made it easy for cross to stand out as a producer. My beats are very lush and melodic, and these dudes werent spitting on them how I thought they should have been spit on, when asked how he got into the art of freestyling and song writing. Known for his witty sense of humor and punch line flow, and cipher driven multi-syllabic from his alter ego Bobby Penz, Cross reputation changed from just a producer to a well known MC in the DFW area.
Tony Nagee Lucas born in Buffalo, NY and has been residing in Dallas, TX. At a young age Nagee was involved in local freestyle battles in the inner city of Buffalo. I was always trying to rhyme and learn from the older emcees in the neighborhood Nagee recalled as he expressed his love for music. From when he spits his first few bars to his ending punch line, you can tell he is not your average. Nagees style of rap stems from his taste in music and overall good ear. Artist such as Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls, and Nas, come to mind when you think of influences.
Bryson B. Minor Johnson is a Native of Dallas, Texas and is the sixth of seven children. B. Minor recalls that his love for music began at a young age, my mom said I came out the womb singing, so I dont remember a time when music wasnt a part of my life. His unique tone and uncanny ability to manipulate melodies help to make him one of musics hottest young up and coming singer/songwriters. When asked to describe his approach to writing songs Bryson responds, I love words and the power of words, so I just try to take everyday situations and present them in a fresh way.
"Welcome To The Band Hall" was the Band Nerds first attempt to promote themselves as a song-writing production company. The album consisted of three mini EPs from each member to showcase each of thier unique styles. The group wrote, produced and preformed all of the material on the album. After getting rave reviews and booked as artist more than selling songs they decided to combine forces and create a super group. The Group is currently in the process of promoting their debut album, Revenge of The Nerds". These brothers in music have managed to combine their individual talents into a collective unique blend of hip-hop, Soul, and Rock that provides the breath of fresh air that Dallas, Texas so desperately needs.


"Revenge of the Nerds"
Will Not Lose
No Tomorrow
Case of the Mondays
The Grownup Song

"Welcome to the Band hall"
Man whore
sex in here
The Shinning
Paid a Grip
Do Something
Put in Work
American Flight 288
Love in the Morning
My Turn
Catching feelings
Space Love
Blow your whistle

Set List

The Intro
Will Not Lose
Miss To Good For Me
Space Love
Sex in Here
Introduction of the Band
No Tomorrow