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"The Night We Met" - 2006
This recording is literally what the name implies. Due to a chance coincidence leaving a show that bassist, Sean Harris, had booked with another band that had to drop out due to the vocalist's laryngitis. SeƔn knew Santos from previous gigs together, but couldn't find a drummer! Desperate, he got Rick's name from a recommendation from a fellow Detroit top bassist, and Rick was available. Santos and Sean met Rick for the first time when he showed up to set up his kit. 15 minutes later, they were being recorded live, having no idea what the night would spawn.

"Studio Improvisations" - 2007
This is a rare happening! A studio recording. After their successful debut, the trio had played a few rare gigs together and dubbed themselves "Band of Demons" after a line in a song by the Charlie Daniel's Band. They had attracted fellow musicians who had sat in, but they felt best together - capitalizing on an almost instinctual connection they seemed to feel without even looking at each other on stage. So, as an experiment, they decided to head into a studio and just record 3 quick tracks. This is what happens when musicians like this actually discuss what they're going to play for about 10-15 minutes before they start playing. The result was compositions sounding as if they'd been painstakingly worked out over years of review, and still better than 90% of each track was improvised.

"Mike Ayrs Recordings" - 2007
On a late, wintery night in December, the trio was asked to come out to Mike Ayrs's studio/bed & breakfast for a show and a good time. They were hoping to have a big gathering, but unfortunately it was almost completely snowed out. The show went on, anyway, and the music was caught on tape again. This show was a bit more intimate and personal than most - the three in a small room, close enough to talk over the music if they needed. This album is an interesting introspection and experiments in new directions.



... The devil opened up his case, and he said "I'll start this show,"
And fire flew from his finger tips as he rosined up his bow.
He pulled the bow across the strings and it made an evil hiss,
Then a Band of Demons joined in and it sounded like this...

Band of Demons is a musical collective comprised of some of the finest musicians out of Detroit; Rick Beamon on Drums, Sean Harris on Bass and Santos Madrigal on guitar.

Their distinctive approach and trademark style attracts guest artists from all genres eager to sit in on one of the most challenging hits on the scene. Why?

Because every single show, every single song, is created right on the spot.

No cushy rehearsal, no predictable set list. Balls out Improv baby, of the highest order and only the most seasoned musicians tread these waters.

Relying on their combined 50+ years experience as well as an unmistakable synergy, Band of Demons serves up an unforgettable show with a groove as individual as the musicians themselves.

Detailed bios on the individual artists:
Rick Beamon is a brilliant and creative percussionist with amazing amounts of time playing on stage with a wide variety of bands in a wide variety of styles. He is precise, sensitive, virtuosic, tight, and dynamic; a rare mix in someone who makes music by hitting things with sticks! He's top rated and one of Detroit's first call stage and session players. He also is a professional actor and model, most notably working in print, radio and television ads, and even landing spots working on Spike TV's "Blade the series."

Sean Harris is a hard working, diverse and profound bassist. He is proficient on both electric and double bass and prides himself on being a solid, dependable bassist fluent in many more styles than most elitist world music fans have even heard. Over the last several years, he's toured with major touring and recording acts like "The Town Pants" from Vancouver, BC, "Motor City Josh" a nationwide blues guitar legend, and Lava/Atlantic recording artists "The Atomic Fireballs" (which included spots on "Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien," and TNT's "Bull"); most of the time with no rehearsal at all, but just jumping on a plane and meeting the band when he landed! He is a frequent sideman, well known for his style described as "Progessive/Aggressive" and ability to play with sensitivity when the gig calls for it. He's a founding member and arranger for many bands including "TrippHorn Solution," "Orbis," "The Lolita Trio," "The Filter Kings," and many more. He has a solo debut album coming out this summer and is endorsed by B Instruments Basses.

Santos Madrigal is well know in the Detroit scene! As a highly sought sideman and creative tour de force, he has spread his music far and wide. He is a particularly musical soul, with a deep passion for beautiful melodies and harmonies, winning him comparisons to such musical giants as Carlos Santana. It's hard to find Santos without a guitar ready and able, including a specialized amazing little almost toy-looking yellow guitar with its own built-in speaker that he's managed to make sound like the finest Telecaster or Les Paul on many a recording! Often known only as 'Santos' (many people don't even know he has a last name), he's been a founding member and illustrious sideman for bands like "Road Work" (Led by T Money Green - bassist and producer of Snoop Dogg), "Rib," and "Moon Madness." He's played for over 20 years and established a name for himself from Texas (where he was born) to Michigan and beyond.