The Band of Heathens

The Band of Heathens

 Austin, Texas, USA

American Rock 'n' Roll Band


Tour Highlights
-250+ shows a year for past 3 years
-‘09 Austin City Limits Television Taping (Airs Nov ’09)
-‘09 Emerging Artist of the Year Nomination at Americana Music Assoc. (AMA) Awards
-‘09 Performance at AMA Awards at the Ryman Auditorium
-‘09 Mile High Music Festival
-‘09 Ski Jam Festival
-’08, ’09, & ‘10 Steamboat MusicFest
-‘08 ACL Festival
-‘08 AMA Showcase & Music Panel on Indie Success
-’07, ’08, & ‘09 Kerrville Folk Festival
-‘08 Big Music Cruise
-’08 & ‘09 Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival

“The Band of Heathens played the best set I came across during my five
nights in town (at SXSW 2009).” – Jim Fusilli, Wall Street Journal

“A wealth of wonderful tunes.” – Michael Berick, No Depression

“This is greasy and right.” – Jody Denberg, KGSR Content Manager

“By far, my favorite discovery in the last 2 years.” – Mattson Rainer,
KNBT Program Director

“Sure is hard to get the honest grooves and good time feel out of the system.” – Bob Gottlieb, FAME

“Their debut may establish the band as the next big thing from Austin.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine, The Hit List

Full Length Bio:
In the course of evolving from loose assemblage to world-class
rock ’n’ roll outfit, the Band of Heathens has built a potent body of recorded work that’s won the Austin, Texas ensemble a fiercely loyal fan base and a reputation as one of its hometown’s most vital musical resources. BoH is also known as one of America’s hardest-working touring acts, while revealing a musical and lyrical depth that consistently enriches an infectious songcraft.

Sunday Morning Record, the Band of Heathens’ fourth studio album (and seventh overall), marks a milestone in the resilient outfit’s development, capturing the musicians’ remarkable creative chemistry along with the deepening melodic and
emotional resonance in the songwriting of founding singer-guitarists Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist. The 11-song set, produced by Austin studio vets and longtime BoH
collaborators George Reiff and Steve Christensen, is the product of an intense period of change within and around the group.

“Sunday Morning Record was born in the midst of change,” agrees Quist. “Life changes, lineup changes, geographic changes. It was a rollercoaster of a year, but that change served the album well and became our muse.”

“We set out to make a record that chronicled the journey of the band through a really difficult and uncertain time,” Jurdi states. “In the midst of all of this, Gordy and I were writing songs, starting families, moving families and trying to find a thread to hold onto with our music.”

The musicians’ journey is documented with insight, humor and empathy on such compelling new tunes as “Shotgun,” “Caroline Williams,” “Miss My Life,” “Girl With Indigo Eyes” and “Records in Bed,” which embody the catchy tunes and punchy
performances for which BoH is known, while showcasing the subtlety and introspection that have become increasingly prominent in the band’s work, with an added emphasis on the acoustic textures that have long been present in its arsenal.

“I really think that this is the most personal group of songs we’ve ever released,” asserts Quist. “We had over 30 to choose from, and they were written while we were pondering some major life changes and digging to find the essence of what the band is.”

Sunday Morning Record — released, like all but one of its prior albums, on the band’s own BOH Records label — also benefits from the powerful rapport between founding members Jurdi and Quist, longtime keyboardist Trevor Nealon, and the most recent addition to the band, Richard Millsap on drums.

“We closed the circle smaller around us,” Jurdi notes. “We worked at George Reiff’s house and kept the vibe as relaxed as possible. We worked fast, cutting a song a day. We worked in the moment, creating songs during the session, changing others, and eliminating the ones that didn’t fit.”

The qualities that make Sunday Morning Record so compelling have been built into the Band of Heathens from its origins in 2005. It was then that Jurdi, Quist and Colin Brooks — all of whom had already issued solo albums and were working separately as singer-songwriters around Austin — joined forces after informally sitting in on one another’s sets at the now-defunct West 6th Street club Momo’s. The like-minded
tunesmiths soon forged a long-term collaboration, and the aggregation became a full-fledged rock ’n’ roll band.

The Band of Heathens’ imposing reputation as a live act was reflected in their decision to launch their recording career with a pair of live albums, 2006’s Live From Momo’s and 2007’s CD/DVD Live at Antone’s. 2008 saw the release of an eponymous first studio effort, produced by iconic Texas troubadour Ray Wylie Hubbard. That album won widespread fan approval and copious critical acclaim, as did 2009’s One
Foot in the Ether, which, like its predecessor, reached the #1 slot on the nation


Sunday Morning Record (2013)
Top Hat Crown & the Clapmaster's Son (2011)
One Foot In The Ether (2009)
The Band of Heathens (2008)
Live at Antone's (DVD/CD) (2007)
Live From Momo's (2006)

Set List

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