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"NMC Track Of The Day for December 6, 2006: Lucian Thomas "All I Know"

As trite and earnest as it is to say, when you've decided that making music is what you have to do, nothing will ever stand in its way. Lucian Thomas is an example of that very ethic.

A great fringe benefit of my job is that I get to meet really creative, amazing people. One such person is Trevor Weeks, a brilliant photographer that we use for our sessions here in Toronto.
(check out his See Vous Play photos)

This past summer, Trevor told me about this guy that was recording at Sketch, "an arts studio for street-involved and homeless youth". Sketch is an amazing project in Toronto, and you'll be hearing more about it from me in the coming weeks. Its story is far too involved to elaborate on here...

Anyway, at See Vous Play, Trevor thrust Lucian's four-song demo into my hands. I even got a chance to meet Lucian in the lineup outside the club. In my short conversation with him, he struck me as a really decent, sincere guy. Someone that literally breathed music. I'm not sure how comfortable Lucian would be with me telling his whole story, so I won't. Needless to say, he's had some pretty rough times in his 25 years.

I loaded the disc onto my ipod and listened to it on the train home. A grey fall day, watching the back alleys of Parkdale go by my window - it was the perfect setting for Lucian's music. This song "All I Know" is at once so frail and vulnerable but at the same time filled with such confidence and hope, that it almost brought me to tears.
- Posted by Craig Norris on Dec 06, 2006


Still working on that hot first release.



Sols is just a little pun. That can also rhyme with sun. Sols come and go through time. But Sols will never ever die.

SoLS (also known as Band of SoLS) was formed in January of 2008. Lucian Thomas had just completed his debut album ALL I KNOW, and decided to form a band to bring the songs off of his record to a live audience. Originally a four piece, SoLS became a three piece band in September of 2008. After some time searching for the right pieces to the SoLS puzzle, Lucian came across Dr.Keys, a very talented composer and multi-instrumentalist. The two started to jam and found their chemistry to be out of this world. The combination of Lucian and Keys songwriting abilities provide a diverse catalogue of powerhouse material.

SoLS is already an established band in the Toronto area, and are currently building up their audience at home and abroad. Keep your eyes peeled. SoLS are coming.