If the Beatles and Nirvana could breed with each other you'd get Sols. A pleasant blend of Brit pop sensibility with the dissonant sounds of the Seattle scene!


Sols is just a little pun. That can also rhyme with sun. Sols come and go through time. But Sols will never ever die.

SoLS (also known as Band of SoLS) was formed in January of 2008. Lucian Thomas had just completed his debut album ALL I KNOW, and decided to form a band to bring the songs off of his record to a live audience. Originally a four piece, SoLS became a three piece band in September of 2008. After some time searching for the right pieces to the SoLS puzzle, Lucian came across Dr.Keys, a very talented composer and multi-instrumentalist. The two started to jam and found their chemistry to be out of this world. The combination of Lucian and Keys songwriting abilities provide a diverse catalogue of powerhouse material.

SoLS is already an established band in the Toronto area, and are currently building up their audience at home and abroad. Keep your eyes peeled. SoLS are coming.

Set List

Wash, Burn, Watching Stars Collide, Every Inclanation, FireFly, I Hope You Know, Magnetic... If we play covers we play a variety... Beatles, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Oasis, Massive Attack...