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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""If you ever wondered what Los Angeles’ Evangenitals might sound like had they been born elsewhere this might give you a vague idea. ""

Recently, Wyatt released their debut EP. This indie production contains only four cuts—perhaps demonstrating Wyatt’s belief of the old show business axiom: “always leave them wanting more”. The music here is a blend of different genres from electro-acoustic to folk and pop.

The lead-in here is called “Octopus King”. This song would be quite at home on a Brian Wilson album. It has that Beach Boys-like feel to it while still maintaining its originality thanks to Maddy Wyatt’s lead vocals. Falling happily and appropriately short of “Under The Sea”, the tune is enjoyable without being sweet and syrupy.

The next number here is “Nobodys”. This track, too, seems to amply exemplify not only Maddy’s many musical talents but also the band’s ability to gel as a group. It’s got that progressive pop feel without being obnoxiously obvious about it.

In fact, cuts such as “Good Fight” seem all about not only playing solid music but knowing when not to play as well. The music here is generally material that could easily fit into any playlist and yet still maintain its own aural identity. The closing cut, “Leonah”, is another unobtrusive example of Maddy’s affinity for musical growth and progression. - The L.A. Examiner

""Wyatt has been charming the skinny jeans off of folk fans for a while now.""

Featured Artist of the Week: WYATT
Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Maddy Wyatt has been charming the skinny jeans off of folk fans for a while now. She made a great splash back in ’08 with her ode to then presidential candidate Barack Obama entitled “Man For Me (Ode To Barack)”. And the years have truly been nothing but fantastic to her. With what started as a simple progression in her solo career, she managed to spawn the group simply known as Wyatt. With two of her brothers Paul and Alex Wyatt, as well as bassist Zach lane and keyboardist Dana Hayes, Maddy has found her beloved sound transformed into a much fuller and well orchestrated version than she previously knew. And with an EP, full length album, and a Southwest tour under their belts this year alone, the world of upbeat indie folk will soon be turned completely around in a wonderful way for many years to come. - Sergeant Sparrow Music Blog

""Accessible chamber pop sound (think Fanfarlo).""

The Brooklyn-based band Wyatt – who takes its name from three of bandmate’s surnames – has been on quite a ride this year. They released a Kickstarter-funded self-titled E.P., earned a nomination for The Deli NYC’s artist of the month, and are just wrapping up a sweeping road trip tour of the West. This in-studio video of captures the band’s accessible chamber pop sound (think Fanfarlo) with the song Octopus King. The band returns to NYC later in September with dates at both the Tinderbox Music Festival and The Brooklyn Independent Music Festival. Check ‘em out… - Hidden Track Music Blog

""Wyatt's reinterpretation of folky atmospheres is entertaining and stimulating at once.""

Completely unrelated to legendary British prog-rock pioneer Robert Wyatt, Wyatt is a Brooklyn based quintet (via Colorado, New Mexico, and Michigan) that plays what we call "rootsy pop" - with an added indie twist in the production department. Led by Maddy Wyatt's gentle presence and vocals, the band's reinterpretation of folky atmospheres is entertaining and stimulating at once, thanks to a musical approach that successfully avoids tired formulas. Wyatt is celebrating their Brooklyn CD release with a show at Union Hall in Park Slope on July 7. - The Deli Magazine NYC

""...a storm of compassion and a vibrant sense of honesty.""

As a grand scheme of change and hope is brought upon us today, and an intense feeling of revolution is impossible to resist. Our country’s 44th president has taken office, and we will be forever changed in the most positive of ways. And one songstress who really deserves to celebrate, is the Brooklyn based folk queen Maddy Wyatt (MySpace). When President Obama announced his candidacy in 2006, Wyatt wrote, in the same year, “Man For Me (Ode to Barack)”, and her endless support and motivation obviously proved most rewarding.
“Man For Me” is not only a beautifully supportive ditty, it is a transmissive and powerful ode in the fashion of ‘68 to ‘72 folk. A track like this would have been sung at any public park in Berkley, showing love for the likes of Robert Kennedy or Shirley Chisholm. With songbird vocals (even more noticeable on her track “Not Prepared”) and clever word play, Maddy moves through this happy sing a long with a storm of compassion and a vibrant sense of honesty.
Though Maddy Wyatt’s career is not based upon a political front, it may be a partial reputation she will have to accept. A listen to her debut album, Backdrive, can prove that her regular spectrum of music is just as beautiful and impacting as her political efforts. It will always be a warm embrace when Ms. Wyatt’s sound pounds out of your new hybrid car.
So check out her site and download “Man For Me”, sip on your soy latte, and cool out to the smooth organic sounds this lovely woman has given. And to thy own self know that the world is changing and that President Barack Obama is the man who will lead us into the new free world! - Ron Trembath
January 20, 2009

- Fensepost.com

""Wyatt is one of Manhattan's hidden treasures.""

Armed with an acoustic guitar and tranquil song catalog, Madeleine Wyatt is one of Manhattan's hidden treasures. Behind a pair of thick rimmed glasses, Wyatt creates an unassuming persona, embodied by her delicate musical style. With her recent debut album Back Dive, Wyatt proves the depth of her talent as both a vocalist and songwriter, generating a signature brand of soothing folk. The opening track on the album, "Not Prepared," mixes her style with a subtle vaudevillian sound. Download it below. - Mike Frankel
November 09, 2007 - Limewire.com

""the more I listen the more I like.""

Maddy Wyatt has just released her unheralded debut record on Ten Good Records. The song “I am Not Prepared” from Backdive starts out like it’s going to be a jazzy two-step but then morphs into an electronic flavored, indie-folk song. This is more like something you might hear on Womenfolk or on one of the more AAA flavored blogs and certainly on radio stations like WXRT, KBCO and WXPN. But the more I listen the more I like. If you missed this release like I did from earlier in the year it’s not too late to get it here.
December 20th, 2007
- songs:illinois.net

""Wyatt will leave listeners longing for her next release.""

The jazzy rhythm of "Not Prepared" will immediately draw you into Backdive (tengoodrecords). It's the first full length album from Maddy Wyatt, a New York City musician whose roots are in folk music. Those influences are evident throughout the album, but the dominating force is Wyatt's clear, confident voice. She delivers each well-crafted lyric with conviction, at times over simple instrumentation that allows her song-writing to shine. On "Last to Know", Wyatt sings, "I've got a sketch of the girl I'm meant to be. She is running from the lines she's told to toe." Running from lines or running from genres, Wyatt will leave listeners longing for her next release. - Carla Jean Whitley
October 2007 - Birmingham Magazine


LP - Backdive (Maddy Wyatt solo)

Radio airplay:
WPSU-State College, PA
WMAL 630-Washington DC



"Oh, Wyatt. Wyatt is cool. Wyatt is like this guy who has magical powers, but is totally comfortable with it. And also he is a good dresser, and dances amazingly well."
So says a newly indoctrinated fan. WYATT is (also) the new project of celebrated NYC singer/songwriter Maddy Wyatt. What began as the solo effort of Miss Wyatt has morphed into a collaborative adventure with brothers Paul and Alex Wyatt, bassist Zach Lane, and keyboardist Dana Haynes. Since the release of their debut EP this summer, WYATT has toured all over the Southwest, played festivals from Brooklyn Indie Fest to CMJ, and earned kudos from the likes of NYC's The Deli Magazine, The L.A. Examiner, and TimeOutNewYork, who says "their lack of pretension and simple melodies are reminiscent of Mirah." WYATT aims to make you move your bod and sing along. The songs on this EP are the closest yet they've come.
Vive la WYATT!